Recognition Ceremony for Elder Ken Ra

A Recognition Ceremony to acknowledge Ken Ra ‘s nearly forty years of service to our community is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 14th, at 3:00pm in Harmony Park, near Geneva, MN. The ceremony will consist, in part, of testimony and offerings by many of his students and friends describing Ken’s dedication and service, and in his honor. A potluck celebration will follow. Located about an hour from the South Metro, guests can arrive after noon. This event takes place within Sacred Harvest Festival’s last full day, however guests will not be charged admission to attend this celebration.

Ken Ra has been a teacher and elder in the Triskellion Tradition since its founding in 1973, with Lady Delthea. He has personally taught more than a hundred students, many of whom continue teaching or who have gone on to work within other traditions. At least seven working covens have derived from Triskellion. Whether having directly been touched by Ken’s wisdom or one of the hundreds who have benefited from his teaching passed on, you likely are, or know someone who has been enriched by his service if you live in MSP.

Ken Ra has donated generously to many events and causes. He is a firm believer that Pagans should be accountable for their words and deeds, to the Gods and to their community;

“There is no rest for the Wiccan and there is no respect for those who won’t put their money where their mouth is.”

Excerpts from his biography at Triskellion Wicca, :

Triskellion Wicca

Ken Ra is a descendant of a Scottish pagan and priestly lineage that is part of Clan Mac Leod (owners of the Fairy Flag of Britain) and related to the Royal House of the Isle of Man. Initiated and legally ordained twenty years ago as a minister, he spent five years as the disciple of the Rev. Eya Yellin. He studied computer programming at Control Data Institute. Later, his studies took him into Zen Buddhist thought and the practice of Aikido. He met, handfasted and married the Lady Delthea who was an initiate of the American Tradition Wicca. Together with others, they founded Triskellion Wicca. While doing time as a professional security guard, he studied welding and blacksmithing and received an American Welding Society Unlimited Certification. Over the years he has become internationally known as a Magesmith (manufacturer of magical tools). Studying CNC machining and adding a small foundry to his shop, he has, since 1980, been training occultists in knife-smithing. He has been well known for years as a writer in the Pagan press. Also he is one of the early witches to work with the local police department on occult crime. He is High Priest of the Brotherhood for Triskellion.

Initiated Alexandrian Wicca in 1968 with Legal Ordination. Handfasted Lady Delthea of American Traditional Wicca in 1975. Collateral degree recognized by Alex Sanders and in May 2002 he received a collateral initiation into Italian Family Strega by Lori Bruno.

Articles Published in Circle Network News, Crossroads, Notes from Taychopera, Crone Papers, Harvest, Cincinnati Journal of Magic and Pagan Ink. He is Minnesota Outreach Coordinator for the Heartland Spiritual Alliance since 1988, and a lifetime member since 2001

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