Harmony Tribe Meet and Greet – Sat. Nov. 13th

HT Meet and Greet,  Saturday,  November 13, 2010,  4:00-6:00 pm at the Sacred Paths Center 777 Raymond Ave. St. Paul MN .  All are welcome.  Come and meet the new Harmony Tribe Council and find out what we are all about. The Meet & Greet includes a Pot luck feast and social time to converse with fellow pagans.
Express  what you would like to see and experience at the 2011 SHF. Tell us what you liked about other SHFs or even what you liked about other festivals you’ve attended. Help us select the 2011 Sacred Harvest Festival theme. We promote a community experience and focus our energy on providing a unique spiritual experience.  You can obtain information about becoming a member of Harmony Tribe and join at the M&G. We will have information about submitting art work for consideration for the 2011 festival.

What brings us together:

While many among us explore diverse and various Pagan religious paths including Shamanism, Wicca and other Earth-based and Earth-friendly beliefs, we all share the same common ground philosophically and spiritually. Come and experience creating something beyond yourself: the building of a tribal community! We welcome all who embrace nature spirituality in some form. Acceptance is our desire; tolerance, respect and love is our rule.

Hope to see you there,   Jude K,  – Marketing Director of HT

Ken Ra Grandfathering

Over a hundred people gathered on Saturday Aug 14th at Sacred Harvest Festival to honor Ken Ra and his years of passing knowledge.  The event was hosted by Linda Green and an informal circle was cast using the songs “Air Moves Me”, the “Lady’s, Lord’s, and an Ancestor’s Bransle”.

Ken Ra and Liz

Ken Ra and Liz

Over a Hundred People Attended, 42 drove down especially for this event!

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Recognition Ceremony for Elder Ken Ra

A Recognition Ceremony to acknowledge Ken Ra ‘s nearly forty years of service to our community is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 14th, at 3:00pm in Harmony Park, near Geneva, MN. The ceremony will consist, in part, of testimony and offerings by many of his students and friends describing Ken’s dedication and service, and in his honor. A potluck celebration will follow. Located about an hour from the South Metro, guests can arrive after noon. This event takes place within Sacred Harvest Festival’s last full day, however guests will not be charged admission to attend this celebration.

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