Keith Campbell (Twilight) August 10th,1968 – August 5th, 2015

Keith Campbell (Twilight) 1968-2015

Keith Campbell (Twilight) 1968-2015

The large Twin Cities Blue Star Wicca tradition community, and Pagans nationally are mourning the loss of Keith Campbell. His announcement of a cancer diagnosis, and rapid passing was a shock friends and tradition mates are still trying to come to terms with. A local memorial is planned for Sunday, September 13 from 3pm to 6pm (see below). This obituary was just published today:

“Keith James Campbell (Twilight) passed from this realm and on to the Summerlands on Wednesday, August 5, 2015.  Keith was born in Kirkwood, Missouri.  He leaves behind his parents and sister.  He spent many years formative years in Columbia, Missouri and later moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Philadelphia area.  Unfortunately, within three weeks of learning he had pancreatic cancer, Keith passed on.  He was surrounded by loved ones who held him and sang to him as he passed through the veil.

Keith was a beloved friend and mentor to many within the pagan community.  He was a scholar, a singer, a lore keeper, a graphic designer, and a queen.  He was a wealth of knowledge.  He was also an open door.  Keith helped to welcome many people to their path and helped guide them to their best self.

11231910_10153605437342216_3250120115000381307_nWhile in Columbia, Keith was a founder of the  Heretic Clan, ran several festivals, and become a member of Blue Star.  He could be found at many of the Midwest’s pagan festivals.  Diana’s Grove was one of his favorite sacred spaces.  After being a member of Blue Star for a bit, he moved to the Sucking Vortex of Milk and Honey (Minneapolis).  There he became involved in Feri, Reclaiming, TwiTrad and more.  Keith was a legal pagan minister and performed many of our wedding and handfasting ceremonies.  He was a master of ritual theater, managing to be creative, discerning, and engaging.

After moving to Philadelphia, Keith obtained his Third Degree and became a High Priest in Blue Star.  He helped birth the coven of White Oak and the grove of Acorn.


Keith Campbell (Twilight) 1968-2015

Outside of his Craft legacy, Keith also was a talented graphics designer and vocalist.  His designs can be seen on many t-shirts, flyers and postcards relating to pagan events and gatherings.  He performed with One Voice for a number of years as well.

Keith will be missed by many.  This tremendous loss will be felt by the pagan community for many years to come.

Memorial services are planned in several locations across the country.  In Minneapolis, join us on Sunday, September 13 from 3pm to 6pm. Please bring your stories to share, your willingness to sing, and your love of Keith.

Lake Hiawatha Park Recreation Center
2701 East 44th Street
Minneapolis, Mn 55406

If you have any questions please call Wisteria at 612 559-0652 or email

Additional memorial services are being planned in PA over Labor Day weekend and in MO at Harvest Homecoming.”

~ Wendy McNiff

Keith Campbell was an archivist, historian, resource, High Priest, and mentor in service of the Blue Star Wiccan Tradition.

Keith Campbell was an archivist, historian, resource, High Priest, and mentor in service of the Blue Star Wiccan Tradition.

I met Keith some twenty years ago as a Heretic singer at festival, and then again last fall at a Blue Star Family Gathering in Minnesota. My loss was not deeply personal, but he was invaluable to my tradition and clearly well-loved and highly respected. I invite those who have a personal anecdote, memory, or comments to please add them below!

Nels Linde

Blue Star 2nd Degree

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  1. Kristin says:

    Keith was a dear friend and Trad mate of mine. His personality filled every room he entered, and he was loved by countless people. I am deeply honored to have known him. His loss was a great shock to me personally and to our Tradition. While holding vigil during his passing, some of our coven members joked that Keith was such an over-achiever that it didn’t surprise us that he managed to complete his life’s mission in half the allotted time. It might seem trite, but to know him really was to love him. The Summerland has gained a beautiful soul. Hail the Traveler!

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