Sparky T. Rabbit Passes

Spark T. Rabbit at Sacred Harvest Festival 2004

Sparky T. Rabbit – Bruner Soderberg of Rock Island, Il.,  passed over Monday June 2nd, 2014.

Born February 3, 1954 he was a prominent Midwest heathen,  singer, song-writer, rite-maker, gadfly and friend of Freyr.   Sparky;  “I critique and satirize neopaganisms,monotheisms, and any other-isms that seem appropriate.”    Handfasted [married] to Ray Bayley since 1984 (Sparky: “That’s 93 anniversaries in straight years!”)
Sparky was a nationally known singer, bard, master ritualist, and pot stirrer.  His recording “Lunacy”, done as a duo, is still one of the most prized pagan recordings of all time.
Sparky was often quoted for his wisdom and satire;

Words from his friends and  colleagues:

Sparky T. Rabbit’s voice is intertwined with the roots of my development as a witch, and we still use the chants that he wrote and the chants that he popularized within our covens today. I played the cassettes for his two albums so often that I wore them out and had to buy replacements twice. I cherish the one time that I had the opportunity to sing with him. It is still a luminous fan boy moment for me. I grieve the loss of such a beautiful man and his beautiful talents, but I also grieve that so many in the current generation of Pagans have not heard of him. What is remembered lives. Take the time to look him up and find copies of his music which is finally available again in digital formats. Then you’ll feel the joy of discovering his music, and also share my sense of loss as well. May he go forth shining.

– Ivo Dominguez, Jr. Elder, Assembly of the Sacred Wheel

Sparky was my dear, dear friend for many years.  I am heartbroken at his passing.  A ritualist extraordinary, singer and songwriter, Sparky was a world-class cauldron stirrer, and a giant of Pagan culture….  My life has been enriched immeasurably by my long and deep friendship with Sparky.  His talent was sparkling.  He contributed much of great value to the Pagan movement and to the world.  In love may he return again.

– M. Macha NightMare (Aline O’Brien)
Witch at Large

May his gentle heart and spirit-filled voice live with us always.

Thanks to Steve (Posch), I got to meet and exchange enthusiasms with this wonderful man. I am shocked to hear of his passing, and I truly hope that his music and other works will live on with us.
– Paul B. Rucker
Sparky T Rabbit Bruner Soderburg

Sparky T Rabbit – Bruner Soderburg – Feb3, 1954 – June 2nd, 2014

“Coven brother, teacher, friend. Wicked Witch. Master rite-maker, singer, altar builder. Trouble maker. Sitting across from you at a kitchen table in Minneapolis, I found my life’s work.
You have left us so many gifts. We will carry them forward, Bruner. We will remember. “– Frebur C.  Moore

Nels Linde

7 thoughts on “Sparky T. Rabbit Passes

  1. Nels Linde says:

    As more statements and remembrances of Sparky come in to the PNC-MN I will add them or links to them….

  2. Melanie Jones says:

    Thank you for this. Sparky sang at my first few PSG’s and I still love his albums. I was sad to hear the news. Deepest sympathy to his husband.

  3. Cernowain Greenman says:

    I was fortunate enough to get to know Sparky at Chrysalis Moon and PSG. I thought his wit and insights were uniquely both genuine and genius. His method of giving feedback helped me grow as a Pagan and as a musician. The world is a smaller place because of his demise. I look forward to seeing him again when he returns in his next life because I am certain our paths will cross again.

  4. Steven Posch says:

    Thanks, Nels, for a fitting tribute. Sparky defies platitude. He was a man with a lot of rough edges, and fighting was his favorite sport, but his incisive mind and relentless honesty are something we’ll all be the poorer without. Whenever I needed a new chant, I’d send him words and, usually within 48 hours, he’d sing a new chant into my voicemail. There was no one like him.

    A public memorial will be held in Minneapolis some time this summer. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Deerheart says:

    Sparky, I’ve known you for ore years than I can remember. So blessed to have seen you last month. The world is a sadder place without you.

  6. Gary Lingen / EARTHKIN says:

    I was stopped in my tracks upon hearing about Peters passing. Steven Posch’s thoughts sum up my feelings about Sparkys impact on all of our lives. Having met him in Madison Wisconsin over 30 years ago he became a friend and a mentor to me in many personal aspects of my life but he could also become a challenging foil…but always in search of some form of truth or insight. He was an incredible man and a dear brother who I will never forget.

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