Wendy Rule to headline Pagan Spirit Gathering, location announced

Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG), one of the oldest Pagan camping festivals in the US, announced Aussie singer Wendy Rule to perform at 2014’s PSG. Circle Sanctuary, producers of the festival, also announced they are hosting PSG at Stonehouse Farm for a fourth straight year.

“We are delighted to be returning to Stonehouse for the fourth year,” said Selena Fox, Circle Sanctuary Executive Director. “This beautiful location has been a wonderful home for us, and has allowed us to really grow the PSG community.” Organizers say they have broken attendance records every year since locating the festival at Stonehouse Farm. Stonehouse Farm is located near Earlville, Illinois, which is about one hour west of Chicago.

Two years ago the festival was in jeopardy when local residents and county officials considered shutting Stonehouse Park (as Stonehouse Farm was formerly named) down for noise and drug violations in spring of 2012. This is the same set of circumstances that prompted PSG to move from Camp Zoe, which hosted PSG in 2010, to Stonehouse Park for 2011. Since PSG was recognized by county officials and residents as not playing a role in either the noise or drug issues, an accommodation was reached and the festival was allowed to take place. In Spring of 2013 new owners purchased Stonehouse Park and the new owners, county officials, local residents, Circle Sanctuary staff, and festival attendees appeared satisfied with the situation.

wendyAttendance for 2014 could continue the upward trend with popular Pagan musician and singer Wendy Rule performing during the festival. Ms. Rule hails from Melborne, Australia and is an internationally known performer who weaves blatantly Pagan themes into her music. Rule has put out 6 albums and Rolling Stone Magazine describes her music as, “Gothic torch meets spiritual grunge in cathartic cabaret. Her lyrics are littered with references to astrological and goddess mythologies, sung in sonorous arcs over keyboard and cello.”

“Wendy is a fantastic musician and an important part of the Pagan musical community,” said PSG coordinator, Moonfeather, “We have wanted to bring her to PSG for some time, and are so thrilled she’ll be able to join us this year.”

PSG runs from June 15 to June 22, with admission available for the full week or final weekend. Registration for PSG 2014 opens in November 2013 and marks the first year registration is open before January.

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