Community : Seeking Clothing Donations for Trans Woman

Most people in the United States have an excess of clothing – a recent study revealed that the average American only wears only 20% of the clothing stashed in the closet. This isn’t unique to fashionistas and garden variety clothes horses – that statistic falls evenly across all genders.

Rather than regret your excess, use your closet overflow to help a Paganistan community member out. A community woman is in the process of making full transition to female and feels ready to dress the part. Unfortunately, at this time she is in a difficult financial situation. You can help her out with the clothing you don’t wear. She is roughly five foot six and a slim build – so if you have women’s clothing in the small to medium range, consider passing it on to her!

If you have donations, please contact Jay Linnell at Any excess donations will go to another trans woman in need.

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