Help a Bunny Out: Displaced Plymouth Rabbit Needs Home

A local domestic rabbit needs a new home. Can you help?

Nora the rabbit

Nora, a Plymouth area rabbit, needs a new home.
– photo used with permission of Sheryl Burns

Roads have opened and power is restored after the storms that led to an up to a 96 hour blackout in the east and west Twin Cities Metro. As flood warnings appear daily, those with severe damage to their homes scramble to house their families and pets.

Some pets are more difficult to place than others. Such is this case with Nora, a 20 pound Flemish Giant rabbit.

Sheryl Burns, Plymouth resident and member of Standing Stones coven, is looking for someone to adopt  Nora.  A large tree fell on the Burns residence,  forcing the family to relocate for an estimated 4-6 months.

Tree on home

The Burns family home sustained significant damage from a fallen tree.
— photo used with permission of Sheryl Burns

Woman with pet rabbit

Burns with her pet rabbit Nora
– photo used with permission of Sheryl Burns

The family received assistance from family, neighbors and coven but still have significant decisions to make during the coming cleanup.  In the meantime, they need to find a safe place for their pets, including Nora.

Nora is going on two years old and is 75% litter box trained. She bathes well, but only cuddles on her own terms. She is quite fond of plastic and cords, along with more safely edible objects such as apples, carrots, lettuce and rabbit pellets.  She has always been an indoor pet; she has only visited a backyard under supervision.  Nora also has experience cohabitating with cats. She has also not been spayed. Burns can supply her kennel and all remaining food.

If you wish to give this rabbit sanctuary, please contact Burns at