Follow the Moon: Astrology of intention and mindfulness

by Teri Parsley Starnes

Teri’s interest with astrology lies with helping people see how following a practice of intention and self-awareness leads to a fuller relationship with Mystery. Astrology is a wonderful tool for this. Her weekly column orients readers to the seasonal energy of
each month’s Sun sign in order to set magical/mindful intention for the lunar month beginning at the New Moon.

Each week Teri will write about the unfolding energies that support and challenge our intentions. The ebb and flow of the lunar cycle resides deep in our souls. Through following the phases of the Moon, we remember the natural cycles that guide us.

Astrologers divide the lunar month into eight phases. These are:
New Moon: Dreaming
Crescent Moon: Beginning
First Quarter Moon: Manifesting
Gibbous Moon: Perfecting
Full Moon: Illuminating
Disseminating Moon: Sharing
Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating
Balsamic Moon: Surrendering

Come follow the Moon as we practice intentional awareness together.

Forecast June 9, 2013 – June 15

It’s easy to criticize and to fall in love with Gemini. This sign is as complex as our own minds and as fraught with illusion and mischief. The truth is our minds shape our reality for good or ill. That is pretty powerful. Yet even so, Gemini is the sign that is taken least seriously. One reason: This Mutable Air sign does not like being pinned down. Gemini needs to keep all the balls in the air, just like Mind itself. The Gemini strategies of distraction, shapeshifting, and sheer exuberance aim to deflect any effects that gravity might want to inflict on it. This is both the charm and bane of this sign. And it describes the infinite creativity of mind to maintain its control over reality, even at the cost of being taken seriously by anyone.

Let’s put this slippery, always on the move, forever mutating aspect of Gemini into the mix of what we will be dealing with this lunar cycle. Then let’s add the contrasting qualities of water: our emotional responses, soulful connections, and memories of vulnerability. We’ve got a potent stew beginning to brew. This week begins during the New Moon phase of the Gemini lunar cycle.* I find myself wondering what practice or intention will serve me best right now.

The essential quality of this lunar cycle centers around the interplay between Air and Water. Sometimes these two domains work together like oil and water, or in other words, they don’t. Yet, when we are able to honor both equally and strive to make good use of both, we have the best of all worlds. This work of equally honoring our thoughts and our hearts belongs to the Great Work undertaken by alchemists. These magicians sought to combine essences that didn’t easily unite—like water and air. The alchemists’ quest was to attain the Philosopher’s Stone, the essential wisdom of life. This month we can move closer to this wisdom through integration of disparate parts.

What are the alchemical processes available to us for creating an integrated understanding of our hearts and minds? Currently, I am fascinated by honey bees. These master alchemists turn nectar into honey and pollen into “bread.” In pursuit of their own magic, they pollinate the plants around them, ensuring that life continues for all. What a model for an integrated life! I’d like some of that in my own life. This month as the New Moon in Gemini begins, I commit to practices of integration with the hope that the work will bring sweetness to the world.

Forecast June 9, 2013 – June 15

Moon enters Cancer 11:16 am**
Sunday, June 9.
The trine between Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will be exact this week on June 11. Today, the Moon in Cancer forms a Grand Water Trine with these two other planets. Here, we enter the important realm of the heart. It is important to make room for the wisdom that comes from our souls. A trine represents an easeful connection. We can hope that the support of the trine will help us when we encounter the vulnerability that also comes up when we touch on the whole of our hearts—the hurts as well as the hopes. The Cancer Moon supports the nurturance of our hearths. Comfort brings trust, which can bring new openings.

The integration of mind—in all its tricky aspects—with the heart presents itself through the foreshadowing of Mercury’s next retrograde journey. Right now, Mercury moves through the degrees in Cancer through which it retrogrades later this month. Begin to notice the emotional component to your communications.

Moon in Cancer
Monday, June 10.
Yesterday, the Cancer Moon touched on the supportive trine between Saturn and Neptune. Today, the Moon triggers the more stressful square between Pluto and Uranus. The reaction may be to become defensive or vigilant to protect someone or something very dear to you. Emotional triggers are teachers, helping us develop more empathy not only for others but for ourselves too. Mercury trines Chiron—look for messages of healing and compassion. As the Moon contacts Mercury in the afternoon, you may be able to resolve emotional triggers through communicating feelings. Notice your thought patterns around dealing with stress.

Moon enters Leo 11:59 pm.
Tuesday, June 11.
Most of today, until right before midnight, the Moon is void-of-course in Cancer. Yesterday was probably stressful due to having to be on top of lots of things coming at you. Today, the stress may be due to a lack of energy, or what happens when you have too much time on your hands. This is a good day to rest in the soothing waters of our souls. Deep currents are flowing through those places. Even though it can be scary, the insight we gain from honest self-appraisal gives great power. The trine between Saturn and Neptune is exact today. Through Neptune, we reach for expansion of belief and faith. Through Saturn we find the practices, the work, and the relationships that foster a grounded approach to that expansion.

Moon in Leo
June 12—Crescent Moon: Beginning. The last few days were a chance to expand into feelings. There were moments of ecstasy, connection, and joy. There were also moments of doubt, fear, and vigilance. All of this belongs to the realm of Water. With the Moon now entering the Crescent phase in the dynamic sign of Leo, we begin to support our intentions for the month through action influenced by everything we felt the last four days. At this stage of the cycle, we don’t have to see the big picture, we just need to take the next steps. What step will you take towards integration? What is your next alchemical work?

The Moon taps into some essential energy: a square to Saturn challenges us to commit to emotional integrity; a sextile to Mars encourages us to be curious about the next steps; and a trine to Uranus pushes us to try a new strategy. The stress today may come from relationships at home. Venus in Cancer squares Uranus. The good second thoughts we have today involve accepting everyone’s differences.

Moon in Leo
Thursday, June 13.
We clear out the cobwebs. Embrace possibility. When you lose yourself in a creative endeavor, you forget to worry if others are appreciating you enough. Everyone gets to add their sparkle to this day. Appreciate everyone’s unique contribution.

Moon enters Virgo 11:26 am
Friday, June 14. Virgo has the magic potion to turn Gemini into a productive member of society. But do we really want that? Both signs are inventive, but Virgo wants the effort to go towards what serves the bigger picture. This is a great exploration to have in mind today. What really serves your intentions, your communities, your work? The answer may not be simple but should involve real structure as well as visions of a better world. Go for it.

Moon in Virgo
Saturday, June 15.
You might be obsessing over a puzzling situation in your life. The way out may not be along any familiar pathways. Perhaps these lines from Rumi will help us find a different way,
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.

Ironically, out beyond ideas and language, you are able to find a new thought and a new heart’s desire. Be productive, but don’t grasp too hard for perfection.

*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on June 8.

** All times are CDT.

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