4 thoughts on “PNC-Minnesota Sunday Cartoon

  1. Ruadhán says:

    Aren’t the numbers of “solitaries” that high because of a combination people who have no idea about others in their area, and because some local groups are brutally dysfunctional? I dunno, this comic is offensive, and considering that some people are only “solitary” not by choice but by necessity, it’s coming pretty danged close to victim-blaming.

      • Ruadhán says:

        And that’s good for you and others who are genuinely solitary by choice. The fact of the matter is, though, many are not so by choice, primarily because of the reasons I’ve outlined. Not every “solitary” practising pagan has a choice in the matter –many simply have no local community in their tradition, or at least no knowledge of such other people existing. I’m not “solitary” by choice; I’m a Hellenist, and community is important to my religion, but there is no Hellenic polytheist community practice that I’m aware of in my area, and I’ve lived here for years, actively searched, made attempts at gaining the interest of others. The closest people to me are a two hour drive away, and I’m too blind to drive, and they lost their car a couple years ago (last I heard).

        • Diana Rajchel says:

          While I empathize with your position and your feelings about your situation, I do not see how your situation applies to the comment and intent of the cartoon. I certainly see absolutely no angle at which you are being attacked for being solitary.

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