3 thoughts on “PNC-Minnesota Sunday Cartoon

  1. Ruadhán says:

    The punchline doesn’t really work. Even Roman Catholicism has reimagined itself every few hundred years, often suffering a considerable splinter in membership. The current state of the Catholic church, arguably the oldest denomination of Christianity, would be unrecognisable to the Nicean council.

  2. MoonChild says:

    This “cartoon” is insulting. The institution of “church” Christianity in itself is a total bite off from Paganism, so if anything, Paganism has been around since humanity has been on this planet.

  3. Ananta Androscoggin says:

    Of course, the Egyptian Empire itself only lasted some 3,000 years.

    Hinduism for some bit longer than that, and Brahmanism even a bit older yet.

    However, I’ve been saying to people for some while, that we shouldn’t be afraid to borrow from all the Christian books on organizing, planting, and running a church, as they’ve had the past 1800 years to make just about every mistake possible, and they’ve figured out how to avoid some of them.

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