Pagan Living TV Gains Mainstream Attention

screenshot of Pioneer Press story from 2/1/13

screenshot of Pioneer Press story from 2/1/13

Freshman venture Pagan Living TV captured attention from mainstream press in its first month on air. The Pioneer Press article noted that the show’s appeal reaches beyond Pagan audiences, reporting,”Todd Berntson’s 58-minute television show has been picked up by a handful of cable access stations around the country, from the St. Paul Neighborhood Network to stations in Spokane, Wash., and East Hampton, Mass.”

The first episode aired on January 4th of this year.

Comments Bernston about the new publicity, “It was nicely done. When I was first contacted by the reporter he wasn’t really sure that there was even a story there. But after I started talking about what we were ding and what this represented he actually started getting very interested.”

Bernston also says that Pagan Living TV sees no cash from stations picking up the program. “We are completely funded through our viewers. We don’t get paid for distribution like we would on a commercial channel.”

PaganLivingTV also launched a campaign to raise funds to upgrade their studio. The organization also has plans to expand distribution. “We have had some interest by a couple satellite stations so hopefully by March or April we will be on satellite dish and on Direct TV as well.”

2 thoughts on “Pagan Living TV Gains Mainstream Attention

  1. witch33 says:

    Congrats to all of you that have worked so hard to be a voice for many pagans that are still in the broom closet or have no one to communicate with about there spirituality. I sincerely hope the show is a success.   I personally would like to see the show stick with Pagan themes and educations such as culture, customs, traditions, launguage such as “PIE”. Since were all a bit different in our worship the bottom line is that we do worship.    I’d also like to see some horoscopes added to the cauldron, and a question of the week such as how far back can we trace the artifacts of the Goddess worship and Gods? Get people get interactive with the show and think, maybe look up the answer which leads to knowledge and after all isn’t that the goal to educate?    I’m sending you’s a wonderful Imbolc blessing and hope this day/ night which is a fire night is brightly light by your candles, torches, bonfores and your spirit.

    CHRISSY( WITCH33)   Blessed Are We For We Are The Children Of Time.    

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