PNC-Minnesota Winter Solstice 2012 Gift Picks: Adults

Looking for the perfect Solstice gift for your favorite adult Pagan, Heathen, or Polytheist?  (If you are looking for gifts for children, check here)  PNC-Minnesota’s 2012 Winter Solstice Gift Picks with expert advice, reviews, and recommendations for the latest movies, books, and other holiday gifts and treats can help.  Remember, when possible, support your community by buying local or buying direct from the artist.  Click the photos to go to the stores where you can purchase these items.

bee ornamentBee Goddess Ornament
by beautywatcher

Gingers rule with this ornament.  The adorable Bee Goddess, a reference to a Minoan deity of prophesy, is ready to whisper in your ear about the coming Spring. The ornament is about 3 1/2 inches across and is decorated with copper, glass beads, and glitter.  The back features a little flower.  In addition to the Minoan Bee Goddess other star ornaments include a peacock (for Hera or Saravati), Seshat, and a Japanese Lawyer God.  I’m ordering that last one for my husband so don’t tell him!  There are many more ornaments and you could give one or a set as a gift.

featherFeather ornament
by Gothic Glass Studio

Breathtaking describes these ornaments.   The artist collects feathers found on daily walks and encases them in clear glass with foil edges.  The one pictured is a hawk feather and with a Czech faceted glass bead on top.   Other items in the store that caught my eye are a red stained glass Goddess figure with her arms up raised, an Eye of Horus glass ornament, and a Tree of Life sun catcher. You can’t go wrong with any of the gifts offered.  Gothic Glass Studio is based out of Canada so keep that in mind for shipping time.  NOTE:  A reader alerted us to federal and state laws in the USA about possession of bird feathers.  It could gain you a larger fine than a bag of weed, depending on the type of bird.  So buyer beware.


earingsHestia stud earrings
by Lulu Frost

These earrings look like flames rising from a warm, inviting hearth so of course they are named for the Goddess of family ties and laughter over shared meals.  Perfect to wear on future Solstice celebrations (winter and summer), dressy events, or casual events.  They are polished without going overboard.  The posts are sterling silver while the fronts are brass with crystals.   Many of the crystals used by Lulu Frost are upcycled from vintage jewelry pieces.

Great Red Copper Pin of the SunGreat Red Copper Pin of the Sun
by Baltic Imports

Most of the pins are either reproductions of historical Baltic pieces or pay heavy homage to the style.  This pin is a large center sun with three sun blessings hanging down.  It measures 1.5 inches wide by 3.25 inches long.  Although most of the jewelry is bronze, copper, and amber a few are carved from a single piece of wood.  Certainly a man’s pin, they would work equally well for a woman.  Especially this woman.  Ahem.

wood necklace.
Tree of Life necklace

by Mystic Orb

When people tell me about someone they know who carves great wood jewelry the first thought that goes through my mind is “piece of crap.”  Mystic Orb took my biases and snobbery and shoved them right back at me.  I will say this is the best piece in their store, made from reclaimed spalted maple burl.  That’s because the artist worked as a partner with this piece of wood, revealing the Tree of Life, instead of forcing it to be something it’s not.  In that moment a wood carver become a sculptor and this is a wearable piece of art.  Snap it up, as a gift for someone else or for yourself, before it’s gone.

gameIron Age Game
by Brendan Myers

I haven’t yet had a chance to play this game, as it just came out, but I’m intrigued enough to add it to the Gift Picks list.  (I did order it, though) The game is a traditional table top game and looks like a good fit for teens, families, and bunch of friends at a Pagan festival (with horns of mead, Natch!)  Myers describes the game as, “a political strategy game, in which players compete and co-operate with each other to build a community.  The better you manage your village, and the better you manage your relations with other players, the more honor you will gain. And the more honor you gain, the better your position will be at a special democratic assembly called the Landsmoot, where one player is elected the Chieftain.”  Somehow Myers just made historical geo-politics fun.

Ram Rhyton MugRam Rhyton Mug

To answer your first question, yes, they also have dragon mugs just like this one.  If you’re shopping for more of a traditionalist, like Hellenic or Celtic recon, this is probably the ultimate gift you could buy them.  A rhyton is a specific drinking vessel used to make sacred libations (pour a few drops out for the God and the rest is for you) to the Gods.  This rhyton holds about 18oz and is  7 1/2 inches long from top of cup to the nose.  The handle acts to prop it up.  There are multiple colors of glaze offered and it’s even dishwasher safe.  I didn’t even look through the rest of the store because I can’t take my eyes off this.

cupOak leaf and acorn chalice
by Hughes Pottery

Here is another type of ritual cup, but one geared more towards the Wiccans and Druids on your list.  Or hell, buy a set of them and use them as wine glasses.  That would make a conversation starter!   I like the detail on the stem.  Not only does it look good, it gives you a better grip on the goblet.  It stands about 8 inches tall and isn’t as heavy as it first appears.  The attention to detail and use of different glazes, note the acorn is more flat while the rest of more glossy, are probably why Hughes Pottery was recommended to me by multiple people.

altar setRitual Wiccan Altar Set
by Artifactorium

I’ve been buying fine pottery from Nels long before I knew him as anyone other than that dude with the pierced nipples and witch hat that I’d see at a local festival.  In fact, my husband drank coffee from a mug this morning and I poured a libation last night from a chalice created by Nels.   So, although he is part of PNC and I also count him as a friend, I can’t let that keep him off this list.  A very special, and personal gift, this is a complete altar set.  Set includes a chalice, two small cups for ritual salt and water, a small covered jar for storing incense and a two handled tray, which with a little sand added can be used as a burner for incense cones or loose incense on charcoal. Or you can use the small tray for cakes, and the lidded jar for a burner.  If an altar set won’t fit your gift giving needs, there are platters, mugs, rattles, and jewelry available, too.

grocery bagWitch’s Grocery List Tote Bag
by Simple Adventure

Not only can you carry your groceries, it has a shopping list printed on it any self respecting witch would be proud of.  Or a nice bag to carry at conventions like Paganicon or Patheacon.  The bag is 100% cotton and is machine washable, but I’d let it air dry rather than throw it in the dryer.  A gift in an of itself, you could also use it as the ‘wrapping paper’ for other gifts.

backpackEntrails Sack Pack
by 0812edmab

Have an omen reader or a Heathen on your holiday list?   Or do they just a sense of humor that’s a bit more rough?  This may be more their style.  Nicely sized grab and go bag, good for over nights, books, or ritual supplies this bag has straps that can turn it into a backpack and a zipper to keep your contents secure.

PjsHeathen PJs
by All Things Norse

For the man (or woman) in your life that likes to snuggle.  These two piece cotton men’s pajama set comes with your choice of pattern of flannel pants and a white crew-neck pajamas tee top.  There are women’s styles and sizes available too.  All Things Norse also has throw pillows, ornaments, a viking ship puzzle, and much more.  I’m laughing about the Norse snuggie they offer, though.  I’m trying to picture some of the Heathens I know using one.  They kick you out of the mead hall for that.

pan t-shirtPan T-Shirt
by Sleepy Crow

Have you accepted Pan as your Lord and personal Satyr?  I have!  Pan is one of the great and most beloved deities of ancient Greece and modern Pagans.  I’m sure this t-shirt would cause many a double take and I know a Lutheran Pastor who would get a big kick out of this. Hint:  order the t-shirt one size larger than you normally wear.  11 colors to choose from.

cakeLove Goddess Cake Mix
by Vosges

It’s times like these that my gluten allergy really sucks.  I’m almost willing to be violently ill for days just to eat a slice of this cake.  Who’m I kidding, I’d eat the whole thing.  Excellent stocking stuffer, or if you are willing to bake, an excellent gift.  Vosges has some of the best chocolate in the world and the description of the cake is pure food porn.  “The finished cake is dense and moist with plenty of deep, dark chocolate Vosges Haut-Chocolat flair.”  Love Goddess indeed, I need to go somewhere private and touch myself.  Mmmmmmmm…..oh baby.

chocolateChocolate Deities
by Chocolate Deities

The name is self explanatory,  I only wish the website was – it is a serious pain in the ass to navigate.  If the chocolates weren’t so good, and the designs so meaningful, no one would bother.  But they are and they are so we do.  All the chocolate is fair trade chocolate and it is designed to look like Gods, Goddesses, and other immortals and heroes or symbols.  In this design, 108 Names of the Divine Mother are presented in an outgoing and ever-moving swirl emanating from a central OM symbo.  lThe packaging is lovely and thoughtful and comes with little surprises I won’t give away.  I’ve never yet met a Pagan that wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a gift of chocolate, so this is a safe…yet not at all boring gift to choose.  But they really, really need to redo their website and present better information on each item.

PNC-Minnesota continues the Winter Solstice 2012 Gift Picks next week when we look at books, cards, music, and magazines.

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