Build a Willow Lodge with your Son Day October 28

For parents looking for a spiritual activity to engage boys next weekend, the Boys Mentorship Collaborative has a way to keep them busy. On Sunday, October 28 between 1 -4 pm parents and their sons are invited to work together to weave willow a lodge. Once built, the participants will join under the lodge to hear a Rite of Passage story, the passage of birth, as presented by midwife Kate Saumweber Hogan. The event is intended for boys ages 3 through 14; boys under age 10 must be accompanied by a parent. Cost is a sliding scale of $20-$40.


10/25/12 Revisions made 10:24 pm to reflect correct name and day for organization and event.

One thought on “Build a Willow Lodge with your Son Day October 28

  1. Katharine Krueger says:

    Thanks! And to clarify, Boys Mentorship Collaborative meets SUNDAY, October 28!!! We’ll have a fire and some games to keep us warm – in case putting up the Willow Shelter isn’t active enough for anyone 🙂

    Partial scholarships available, just ask!

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