Schulz co-chair on Johnson/Gray 2012 Minnesota presidential campaign

Life Cycle Announcement:

Cara Schulz* has accepted a role as the co-chair in the Minnesota Gary Johnson presidential campaign for 2012. Schulz has actively supported Johnson’s candidacy after initially covering him for PNC-MN, organizing two campaign events, going door to door collecting petition signatures necessary for Johnson to appear on the Minnesota ballot, and soliciting reporters to cover the campaign whenever possible.

Says Schulz of her hopes for the Johnson campaign and her own involvement, “It’s an honor, but a daunting and unpaid one. Governor Johnson is polling at 6% nationally and 5% in Minnesota.” She adds that after a radio campaign that started last week, Johnson ranks in Ohio polls at 11%.

Schulz states that even if Johnson is not elected to the office of President of the United States, his campaign can accomplish a win for those who vote for him. “Johnson, and voters, can still win even if he doesn’t win the election. If Johnson achieves even 5% of the vote, the Libertarian Party can receive millions in federal funding and is treated as major party. This could help break the two party stranglehold we are suffering under. Johnson is also raising important issues like gay marriage being protected under the constitution, the failed drug war, our eroding civil rights, our increasing debt and suspect monetary policy. ”

Johnson runs on a platform of fiscal conservatism and socially liberal views that Schulz states she supports.

He made national news last week for filing suit over his exclusion from the presidential debates, citing violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

*Disclosure: Schulz is an editor for the PNC-Minnesota bureau.

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