My favorite memory of Sacred Harvest Festival 2012 was…

“Seeing my friends.” Grace

“The poker game.” Duncan

“My husband being crone-slapped in the middle of the morning circle right on his butt in front of the village.” Crystal Blanton

“Learning to say tagalog” (“No” in filipino) Orion

“Being able to have quiet space with Andras [Corban Arthen] and Yeshe [Rabbit] and Crystal [Blanton].” Lisa Spiral

“Having quiet time with my sweetie and then we danced the Rangoli together and I got to play the big drums. It’s been awesome.” ¬†Helga

“Building the energy in the Rangoli, it was amazing. And doing the henna for one of our friend’s handfastings and she did henna on us as well.” Hemunset

“The rangoli. We got to dance around and have fun.” Seth

“Playing the singing bowls and meeting friends like Grace.” Willow

“The people. There is just an incredible amount of simpatico that goes on with the people that I’ve met. This is our first year [attending] and Willow got a chance to celebrate moving into womanhood. For us it’s been a real joy, a departure from living in small town America.” Pete Baker

“Reconnecting with old friends. That’s really special.” Linda Green

“Being with alot of other people I know. It’s nice to see them again.” Gray Cat

“My croning. It was wonderful.” Larksong

“It’s hard to narrow it down. The rangoli was great, the rituals were amazing, the guests of honor were wonderful, and I always love seeing free-range, happy children. This is all-around my favorite festival.” JRob