PSG Report: Morning meetings not to be missed

Each day at Pagan Spirit Gathering attendees gather at the main ritual circle for the morning meeting.  Some of what happens is expected.  Notices about workshops changing locations or times are announced, reminders to shut the port-a-potty lids are mentioned, and musicians give attendees a taste of the evening concert.  But on any given day, the unexpected and deeply touching happens.

Pagans who currently serve or have served in the US Armed Forced are honored and given special service ribbons.  There were 30 Pagan veterans stood before a community chanting, “Thank you for your service.”  It wasn’t that long ago those same Pagans would have been looked on negatively for being in the Armed Forces.

Military Veterans and Active Duty members honored at PSG

A woman, recently finding out she has a painful and degenerative illness, asks for help and positive energy from the commuity.  Her voice becomes husky as she makes her request and the community responds instantly.  Tears sprang in the eyes of a woman near me in a demonstration of close empathy.

A mother holds her teen’s hand, explaining that she worked hard all year to earn money to spend at PSG and she has lost her bag containing the money.  A description is given of the bag and, based on past experience, there’s a better than even chance her bag and the money will turn up.

Margot Adler first sings a Solstice duet with Ruth Barrett and then talks about her research into the mythology of vampires.

These are just a few tidbits from this morning’s meeting.  Some of what happens is funny, some touching, or sweet.  Some of what is said is more raw or painful.  But like PSG itself, it is anything but your normal morning meeting.

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