Pagan Spirit Gathering 2012

Quick notes from PSG2012.

The weather has finally broke.  After mid-90 degree temperatures and high winds during the start of the festival, we have cooler weather on the way.  We also have rain on the way this morning.  Most attendees have kept cool by swimming in the pond of the creek, but cases of heat exhaustion and sunburns have kept the medical volunteers busy.  We’ve had a few PNC staff needing light medical attention due to heat, but they were quickly assisted and are doing well.

Attendance is record breaking.  We don’t have the official count yet, but over 1000 people are attending PSG.  The tents are tightly packed together, but attendees I’ve spoken with say they are happy with the increased numbers.  “The more people that ‘come home’ to PSG the better,” said one festivant.

The workshops, concerts, and rituals ahve been going smoothly and mostly on time.  PNC will have more coverage of offerings in later PSG reports along with interviews and features.


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