Follow the Moon: Astrology of intention and mindfulness

Teri’s interest with astrology lies with helping people see how following a practice of intention and self-awareness leads to a fuller relationship with Mystery. Astrology is a wonderful tool for this. Her weekly column orients readers to the seasonal energy of each month’s Sun sign in order to set magical/mindful intention for the lunar month beginning at the New Moon.

Each week Teri will write about the unfolding energies that support and challenge our intentions. The ebb and flow of the lunar cycle resides deep in our souls. Through following the phases of the Moon, we remember the natural cycles that guide us.

Astrologers divide the lunar month into eight phases. These are: New Moon: Dreaming Crescent Moon: Beginning First Quarter Moon: Manifesting Gibbous Moon: Perfecting Full Moon: Illuminating Disseminating Moon: Sharing Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating Balsamic Moon: Surrendering

Come follow the Moon as we practice intentional awareness together.

Forecast for May 13, 2012 – May 19

This lunar cycle, seeded in the rich humus of Taurus, has sprouted, blossomed, fruited, and is now forming seeds for the next lunar cycle. The Last Quarter Phase that began last week continues into the beginning of this week. The planetary allies are supporting us in reflecting on what we have learned during this cycle about the Taurus qualities of stability, steadfastness, and grace.

Sunday, May 13. This Mother’s Day is perfect for honoring our mothers and the Earth as the mother of us all. Jovial Jupiter is conjunct the Sun today in Taurus. Jupiter spends almost a year in each sign. [Jupiter entered Taurus in June 2011 and will enter Gemini in June 2012.] This annual meeting of the Sun and Jupiter is a day to honor what Jupiter’s transit of this sign has brought to us. This could include things like economic awakening as demonstrated by the Occupy movement, a renewed understanding of personal and collective values, a deeper connection to the earth, and an appreciation of our bodies.

In addition, on May 13 and 14 three planets form another Grand Earth Trine. There have been a series of these grand trines since March. This time Mercury in Taurus, Mars in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn create a solid connection to earth. A trine is a harmonious interplay between planets in a sign of the same element. A grand trine takes harmony

to the point of complacency. Where might you push yourself to create a more solid connection to the element of earth? Earth gives us a sense of reality, groundedness, and pragmatism. Earth teaches us how to apply ourselves over time to achieve lasting results. Do you need more earth in your life? Chiron in Pisces pierces the complacency of this Grand Trine with an opposition to Mars. The Moon is also in Pisces; we are encouraged to feel a deeper connection to all beings—to crack open our hearts—and let that lead us to the ways earth helps us with our goals and intentions.

Monday is a complex day; there is another aspect that encourages us to be firm yet fair, perhaps in a relationship or with ourselves. The Sun is quincunx Saturn in Libra. The quincunx is the aspect of paradox and you may experience one today. Where there is paradox a surprising truth is waiting to enlighten.

Tuesday May 15, an important astrological event takes place: Venus turns retrograde at 24° Gemini. Venus stations retrograde every 1.6 years. Each time Venus turns retrograde, the planet is the Evening Star. Over the course of the retrograde cycle, Venus will disappear from the western sky at sunset, will conjoin the Sun midway through, and then re-emerge as the Morning Star about a month after turning retrograde. Venus will station direct on June 27 at 7° Gemini.

Energetically, Venus began the initial part of this retrograde cycle on April 12 when Venus reached 7° Gemini for the first time. The entire Venus retrograde cycle does not end until July 31 when Venus clears the 24° Gemini position where it turned retrograde.

Venus rules two signs, Taurus and Libra. We can expect that all the Taurus themes I’ve been discussing this month as well as the Libra themes of harmony, balance, and relationship will continue to be important throughout this Venus retrograde cycle. We can also expect that women’s issues, marriage equality issues, as well as issues around wealth and money to continue to be emphasized.

The highlight of this particular Venus retrograde will be a rare Venus transit of the Sun on June 5. It will be possible to actually view the planet Venus crossing the face of the Sun. This is a powerful opportunity to set intention around Venus themes as this planet of love and beauty will shine with solar intensity and strength. This Venus transit plays an important role in the Gemini New Moon cycle beginning May 20.

As Venus stations retrograde, trust in your intuition. The Moon in Pisces squares Venus on this day perhaps creating a sense of unease, yet Gemini and Pisces, being mutable signs, encourage flexibility and that is a clue to overcoming stress. It may be hard to pin down what this transit will mean to you. Let it unfold in beautiful and unexpected ways.

May 16—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. We experience completion during this phase. Our intentions have produced the seeds for the next cycle. Now, the whole lunar cycle becomes compost. The balsamic phase is about allowing ourselves to experience the fallow time—the resting period that makes a new cycle possible. What do you need to

replenish? What are you putting to rest?

On Wednesday, May 16 Mars makes two aspects; it opposes Chiron and trines Pluto. This is an important stage in the Mars retrograde cycle through Virgo that began in November 2011 and completes on June 19, 2012. Mars is the hero self who has taken a journey of self-discovery, confronting anger, passion, and frustration. Mars met Chiron and Pluto twice before on this journey and is now completing this conversation. Chiron transits often feel like initiations. Has the period of time from November to the present felt like an initiation for you? As you complete this process, what can you say you have learned? How have you changed? To honor your initiation, what will you give away? The trine to Pluto gives us power and strength. In the dark phase of the Moon, this strength helps us to trust the process of transformation happening in the darkness.

May 16 and 17, the Moon is in Aries supporting the Mars desire to differentiate from others. Together we go into the darkness of this lunar phase but we each have a unique experience there finding some truth that will propel us into a new adventure.

Friday, May 18, the Moon is again in Taurus as it was at the beginning of the lunar cycle. Another Grand Earth Trine with Moon, Mars, and Pluto returns to bless us with the gifts of this Taurus season. The final day of Sun in Taurus is at the very end of this cycle on Saturday, May 19. Give thanks to the Earth and honor Her teachings.