NEWS FLASH: Sacred Paths Center to Close in May

Sacred Paths Center’s Executive Director Teisha Magee issued a statement by email today:

“After much heartache, soul-searching and tears, it has become clear that Sacred Paths Center cannot continue. Our expenses are too high in this location and we are just not getting enough money coming through the door. All of our resources are tapped, and our volunteers are worn out.”

Teisha states the center  will be closing its doors by the end of May 2012.  A  public announcement will follow later.


PNC Minnesota will provide follow up information as it is publicly released.

Nels Linde

3 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH: Sacred Paths Center to Close in May

    • Linda Green says:

      I am very sad to hear this. I am a monthly donor, hopw more folks could see fit to do this too. Perhaps Sacred Paths can find a more in expensive location and reopen. I hope so!

  1. Christopher Blackwell says:

    We Pagans are going to have to realize that if we want things like community centers we are going to have to be willing to pay for it and perhaps even pay wages instead of loading things down on volunteers.
    Now having said that we also should give thanks that we did have voluteers. I know that Paganism here in America gets its start in Hippy America, who believed everything should be free. Don’t try convincing your bill collectors,they are still going to want cash.

    Same with anything lasting in our community, and if we want to be taken seriously. We are going to have to be willing to put our money where our mouth is. Otherwise we are just playing at being Pagan. I can assure you, those old Pagan temples were paid for in a big way in both work and in money.

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