Christians and Pagans Collaborate on social issues

Last Wednesday, Rev. Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary and George Hinger Coordinator of the Madison Interfaith Dialogue group participated in  the first of two scheduled dialogues between Christian and Pagan religions.   The first dialogue explored common ground and looked at American religious pluralism and Christo-Paganism.  The second dialogue, scheduled for tomorrow evening, covers experiences with  interfaith organizations and projects.

Moderator Penny Eiler, member of Prairie Unitarian Universalists; Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary; George Hinger, Catholic.

Last weeks dialogue, hosted by the Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society, attracted  about two dozen attendees from diverse religious backgrounds.   The evening began with both Fox and Hinger reminiscing  about when they first met one another.  “George and I described our first meeting at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in 1993 at the Palmer House in Chicago,” said Fox.  “We were among several hundred people awaiting for the elevators.  We both shared the memory with those attending and celebrated the start of our long, deep, and enduring interfaith work with each other over the past 19 years,” she continued.

During the hour and a half session they went on to explore the common ground the religions share and why they were involved in interfaith work.  Hinger said the changes made in Catholicism during Vatican II was what called him to interfaith work.  The evening ended with questions from the audience about rituals, convergence of Christianity and Paganism, and how people of different faiths can work together in harmony.

left to right: Rebecca Malke, Director of Religious Education Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society & Rev. Selena Fox, Senior Minister, Circle Sanctuary

Rebecca Malke, Director of Religious Education for Prairie UU Society and organizer for the series, said the dialogue was more than she expected and she hope[s], “through more of these dialogues people from all faith traditions can gain not only a better understanding of Paganism but a better understanding of their own faith to see how we’re all connected. No matter what you believe in we’re all searching for the same thing in life: love, happiness and peace.”

The next dialogue is scheduled for tomorrow evening and is titled “Collaboration.”   In addition to relating their experiences with local and global interfaith organizations, Fox and Hinger will look at how the interfaith movement is working towards peace, social justice, and environmental protection.  There is no charge to attend and everyone is welcome.

Wednesday, April 25: Christian-Pagan Dialogue: Collaboration

Selena & George discuss their experiences with local and global interfaith organizations, conferences, and projects and the contributions that the interfaith movement is making toward world peace, social justice, and environmental protection.

7-8:30 pm
Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society
2010 Whenona Drive, Madison, Wisconsin
Free & open to the public.
For more Information, contact Rebecca Malke, Director of Religious Education, 271-8218

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