Community Notes; April 16-22

I’ve heard it said that locally Heathen men outnumber Heathen women two to one. I’ve also heard that Wiccan women outnumber Wiccan men two to one. There should be a mixer. So, Heathen men & Wiccan women, come to Merlin’s Rest Pub, Monday, May 7, from 7-10pm. How will we know who’s there for the mixer? Heathen men, wear something that Wiccan women can recognize as Heathen. Wiccan women, wear something that Heathen men can recognize as Wiccan. Please spread the word.

Monday night there’s a meet & greet at the Sacred Paths center for people trying to find groups. If you’re a seeker, please plan to attend. If you’re a group interested in members, please attend.

With a hearty sigh of relief, it would appear that the Northern Dawn Local Council of the Covenent of the Goddess will continue. There was a meeting Saturday to discuss its future, and there was definite community support and planning for its future. Northern Dawn CoG has been holding public celebrations since it’s founding, Samhain of 1982, and has hosted the CoG national gathering (Merrymeet) twice. It’s good to know that it will continue.

The BECAUSE Conference on Bisexuality will be next weekend. Learn more at

As a special note to the tree hugging dirt worshippers (like me); Earth Day is next Sunday.