Help wanted: Astrologer for PNC-Minnesota

PNC-Minnesota is looking for an experienced astrologer to create a weekly horoscope to be published each Sunday.  We need someone who is reliable and easy to work with.  As of yet, PNC offers no compensation, but we are open to astrologers who wish to link to their book or service in their weekly column.  If the horoscope column is successful, when the PNC National site relaunches, the column could be included there, too.  If you are interested, or you know someone who would be an excellent horoscope columnist, please have them contact Cara Schulz directly at schulzcaral at gmail dot com.

2 thoughts on “Help wanted: Astrologer for PNC-Minnesota

  1. Lamyka L. says:

    Kitty is the bet astrologer I’ve ever known and she used to do astrology bits for PaganFM. Ask Dee of PaganFM for Kathleen Spitzer or I can email her to see if she’s interested.

  2. Danielle says:

    Contact me via website, I would love to assist you. Im an articulate writer with certification in astrology. Please visit my website

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