Murphey’s Midnight Rounder CD Launch Party Saturday

Popular Midwest folk band, Murphey’s Midnight Rounders, have hit the ground running again in 2012. After a 2-year recording hiatus spent touring around the country, they have emerged from the studio, having produced 24 songs in just 6 months, most of which were written by Brad Murphey, the band’s songwriter and guitarist.

Brad Murphey, Bonnie Hanna-Powers, and Teresa Frank of Murphey's Midnight Rounders

“We are very excited about our upcoming CD Release Party”, said Murphey, “which will celebrate the release of our 2 new CDs: Pearl Street and Swede Hollow.”

Murphey’s Midnight Rounder Release Party
Saturday, March 31
7pm to 10PM
DoubleTree Hotel in St Louis Park
Free admission
Facebook event page

Pearl Street is more main stream, if that term can be used for folk music. Brad Murphey wrote all of the songs, but one – Hard Times Come Again No More is an old Stephen Foster song that is still very relevant today. Most of the songs on Pearl Street have an underlying message that ranges from counter-culture to songs of protest, and yet their catchy melodies and witty lyrics keep them from being too somber. Third Bombay, Uncle Chronic and Upper Midwest Terrorist Society and Sewing Bee are good examples of counter-culture, while Started All Over Again and Soul of a Nation are straight up protest songs. Morning Come Too Soon is just a plain fun song about a hangover.

Swede Hollow explores Paganism and the Pagan lifestyle. Songs that Rounders fans have enjoyed listening to at open air gatherings, such as Wreck of the Modern Pagan and Maiden Warrior Mother Crone, are now represented on this CD. Newer songs, like Hey Mamma, I’m a Real Live Witch and New Age Pagan Rag are also included, together with traditional songs such as Pretty Annie, Soul Cake Song and Hot Crone Chant which benefit from sparkling new treatments.

Both CDs, which were created at Rhythmpriest Studios, can be purchased at the Release Party, or from the Band’s website: They can be contacted by email at

Editor’s note:  The above information from submitted Press Release.