Community Notes; March 26 – April 1

UMPA Spring Hiway Cleanup is April 7. This is one of those events which makes me proud to be in Paganistan. The Upper Midwest Pagan Alliance adopted a stretch of highway in 2008. Twice a year, local Pagans (like you) gather to pick up litter and beautify a piece of the Earth. Best of all, there’s a big sign saying that this stretch of highway is adopted by Pagans, which is supremely cool, and unique. If you’d like to participate, meet at The Central Bank (7111 21st Avenue, Centerville, MN 55038), at 10:30am;

Registration is now up for Paganicon 2013 at

Murphey’s Midnight Rounders – CD Release Party is this Saturday at the St. Louis Park Double Tree hotel from 7-10pm. They are celebrating the release of two CDs, so expect twice the party.

Many people who read this have expressed concern about the proposed marriage amendment, so you might want to know that this Thursday is OutFront Minnesota’s Lobby Day. You can learn more at