Community Notes; March 5-11

Sacred Harvest Festival (August 6-12) registration is now open.  On a personal note, Sacred Harvest Fest is the reason I moved to Paganistan. I had attended Pagan festivals throughout the nation, and found most of them to be big Pagan themed parties. Sacred Harvest Fest was different. It was more spiritual, more family friendly, and more community focused. It opened my eyes to what a Pagan festival could be, and to what a Pagan community could be. I realized that I wanted to be a part of the spiritual community that created Sacred Harvest Fest. This festival is deeply significant to me, and so in the coming months will probably get many mentions in this newsletter.

It’s only two weeks to Paganicon. The Pagan community is maturing, and Conferences are becoming increasingly popular. It is therefore significant that our local community has its own Pagan conference. You can still register at and learn more at

One of the exciting features of this year’s Paganicon is the Saturday night Paganicon Ball; . This is the one part of Paganicon which is also open to non-registrants. People do enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, so instead of celebrating the guy who drove out the snakes, come celebrate with the snakes. If you can’t make it to Paganicon, but would like to attend the ball, tickets are available for $15 in advance at or at the door

There is an incredible mix of events next weekend. There really is something for everyone. Please check for all the details.

It was three years ago that this newsletter accidentally started. At the time it was intended as a way to encourage people to join the best Pagan community Yahoo group EVER at In fact, it still is, so please join the Yahoo group to get all the best information. This newsletter just offers a taste of all the yumminess you can find at