Community Notes; February 20-26

This Thursday is the deadline to get the $65 rate for Paganicon. After that it goes up to $80. Also, they’ll be sending in the badge requests, so registering before Thursday gets you a nicely printed badge which will look fabulous, but after Thursday you will get a badge created with a sharpie which will announce to the world that you were late in registering. You can register at

If you want to know what you’re registering for, the Paganicon schedule was just posted at or

February 26, 2009, Paganistani Promotions expanded to Facebook. At the time, it was done as a way to encourage people to join the Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group with the most complete Pagan community calendar in the nation. The Yahoo group has continued to grow, now having 633 members, making it the 9th largest community based Pagan Yahoo group in the world. All of the other 8 experienced their growth before Facebook became popular, and (like most Yahoo groups) have leveled off since then. While other Yahoo groups have been declining or maintaining, ours has continued to grow.