Community Notes; January 23-29

These Community Notes are created from the information gathered for the Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group calendar, the most extensive Pagan community calendar in the nation. You can check it out and be in the know at

Star of the North Tarot Conference is less than two weeks away. It’s pretty exciting that there’s going to be a new local tarot conference. Learn more and register at

Paganicon is less than two months away, March 16-18. This Twin Cities based Pagan Conference was astounding last year, and looking even better this year. Learn more at and register at

John Michael Greer is returning to the Twin Cities for a weekend intensive at the Eye of Horus next weekend. Greer was last year’s honored guest at Paganicon, and was so loved that the Eye of Horus is bringing him back.

There was a really good article in the PNC this week about a local student who was supported by her school when she wore a pentacle necklace. A substitute teacher told her to tuck it in, and the substitute was immediately reprimanded. It’s so nice to see when the system actually works. You can read about this at

There’s going to be a new metaphysical store in Brainerd, MN. Ancestral Paths, is targeted to open on March 1st, 2012, at 207 South 7th st. Brainerd, MN. It’s a bit outside the Twin Cities, but we definitely wish them well.

About eight years ago I created a thing called the Pagan Daily Calendar, which attempted to find the Pagan celebrations linked with different days, because every day there is cause for celebration. This required researching the holidays to find out how they were practiced. I would find a description of a tradition, but then further research would reveal that it was only practiced that way in one particular village. Eventually it became clear that Paganism is really about the practices of communities. To understand Pagans, you have to understand the communities in which they practice. Every day, this community has wonderful ways in which it celebrates its Paganism. This is a great community for Pagans.