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This newsletter usually looks ahead to upcoming events. This week we’re looking back at the year that was 2011 in Paganistan.

Despite some challenges, groups forged ahead, festivals persisted, and there were no reports of any local Pagan groups or businesses ending. In fact, there were several bright points and lots of growth. Here are several that stand out:

We had the first Paganicon, our very own Pagan conference. By all reports, it was highly successful and is poised to be highly successful again.

With a change of leadership, Sacred Harvest Fest dedicated itself to healing and personal growth.

The Twin Cities Pagan Pride event was astounding at their new outdoor location near one of this community’s sacred sites.

Keys of Paradise opened its own location. Their products are now carried in more stores, they have implemented drop shipping of many products, they have greatly expanded their merchandise lines, and they generally had a great year.

Eye of Horus launched the world’s largest Pagan eBook store and the first eBook store of its kind. They also used their new location to bring in many nationally known speakers.

Northern Dawn CoG continued to produce astounding rituals.

Local Pagan, Nels Linde, made it onto an impressive list of influential Pagans, which you can read about at:

There are dinner parties with primarily Pagan guest lists. There are birthday celebrations where most of the attendees are Pagan. People are calling each other, chatting, emailing, and generally being friends. The local Pagan community is as strong as ever. Possibly stronger because all of this continued despite the lack of any big Pagan emergencies to rally around.

2009 & 10 saw lots of big growth with the opening of new businesses and reorganization of established organizations. 2011 saw them all doing the work once the hype was gone. It wasn’t glamorous or entertaining but the work continued. What we saw was that they did the work well and established themselves for a very good 2012.

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