Community Notes; December 5-11

Keys of Paradise is launching a huge selection of some of the most beautiful cauldrons you’ve ever seen with an open house celebration. Stop by this Saturday between 11am & 5pm to check out their newly organized shop at 713 Minnehaha Ave E, Saint Paul. There will be food and door prizes.

Donald Engstrom-Reese released a list of upcoming events you can check out here.  Donald is wonderful, remarkable, beautiful, an honor to be near, intelligent, insightful and truly an amazing resource for this community. If you have a chance to join him in any of these events, chances are that the experience will leave you being a little bit better person than you were before.

Sacred Paths Center just released a new issue of their newsletter. One of the exciting announcements is that the SPC will provide free ritual space for groups offering public rituals.

Next Saturday, the Eye of the Boar coven will be holding a free energy-healing clinic at the Eye of Horus. The coven has a bunch of reiki masters and practitioners of other healing modalities, and they like to get together and practice. This is their way of having fun. So if you feel like you need some reiki, show up at the Eye of Horus after 7pm. It’s free.

Starhawk announced that she’ll be in town December 5&6 to do trainings for Occupy Minnesota. She’ll be at mayday Books December 5th at 5pm. You can read about it here and here.

There’s a new website for nature spirituality in the Twin Cities.

We are in the season of bell ringers with red buckets. Before dropping in your change, you might want to research the Salvation Army and consider if this is an organization you wish to support. Their values do not seem to match those of most Pagans.