Update: Harmony Park permit approved

Last night  the Freeborn County Commissioners held a public hearing to determine if Harmony Park, the privately owned location for Sacred Harvest Festival, would be allowed to renew its  Conditional Use permit.   The board voted unanimously to recommendation for a permanent permit of operation.

The final hearing for the permanent permit is scheduled for next week and is expected to be a formality.   Members of Harmony Tribe spoke at the meeting and HT board member Bress Nicnevin sent out an update to Tribe members last night, “…myself, Nels [Linde] and Aurora [Albright] all spoke on behalf of Harmony Tribe, Jay and Harmony Park…we were heard…along with many others who came in support of this permanent permit.

With this hurdle out of the way, Jay will be speaking to the Zoning Administrator today about revisiting and setting a time and date to revise our noise ordinance restrictions for Sacred Harvest Festival. We have a plan, and we are confident in its timely resolve. Thank you everyone for your support! The Zoning Administrator’s office was inundated with phone calls and emails from Our Tribe! I would also like to thank Rachel Goodman for being there, though she didn’t get a chance to speak…she helped us be heard by adding to our strength in numbers. Thank you Rachel!

Again, thank you everyone! We will keep you posted of new information as we receive it.”