Samhain and Ancestor Altars

Last week we asked readers to send in photos of their Samhain or Ancestor altars. We hope you enjoy looking at these meaningful and creative altars as much as we have.

Photo Adrian Hawkins - In honor of my Elder, First Priestess and most importantly my mother on her birthday - Lady Galadriel, Matriarch of the Unicorn Tradition and Grove of the Unicorn.

Photo by Carol & John Stiteler: The house altar is "Seasonal House Altar at WhiteWing Cottage" with symbols of Life, Death, and Re-birth including skull, antlers, bones, seasonal fruits and both fresh and dried flowers.

More photos after the cut:

The ritual altar is "WhiteWing Grove Samhain Ritual Altar" with ritual tools, a skull to represent those who have passed over and a black candle in their honor, with seasonal decoration. WhiteWing Grove is an outer court (non-oathbound) Gardnerian training grove run by Zsofika and Erramun (Carol and John Stiteler) in Stillwater MN.

The ancestor altar is "WhiteWing Grove Ancestor Altar in the West of Ritual Circle" with stag skull and stang symbolizing the Horned God of Death/Lord of Night, photos and keepsakes of those we are remembering, libation of cakes and wine for our honored dead, and cauldron of re-birth into which memorial candles will be placed during the ritual. In our tradition West is the direction of death, the setting sun. (Carol & John Stiteler)

Photo by Donald L. Engstrom-Reese: The 'House Altar' holds images of some of our primary Folk, Mysterious Ones who dwell with us a hearth-hold members, including such Folk as Freyja, Grandmother Bear, Kwan Yin, Hera Ganesha, Kali Ma, and the Three Queer Brothers. The pumpkin is adorned with prayer beads dedicated to our 'Ancestors'. In the mirror one can see our 'Hearth-Clan Altar'. Photos of and objects related to our living and dead beloveds dwell on this Altar. Notice the 'Winter Witch' dressed in her deep burgundy finery. She comes to dwell in our house (Hector) on the first day of Winter (the first full moon after the Autumnal Equinox) and returns to her blessed frozen realms on the first day of Summer (the first full moon after the Spring Equinox).

Photo by noctilucenteye from the livejournal community Pimp My Altar

Photo by rnaroundsue82 from the livejournal community, Pimp My Altar

Photo by arliss of the livejournal commuity, Pimp My Altar

If you enjoy looking at photos of altars and wish to see me, check out the livejournal community Pimp My Altar.  We hope everyone had a blessed holiday.