Community Notes; October 24-30

We’re coming up on Samhain. There’s no shortage of activities next weekend, each with their own take on this transitional time of year, but many of us will be celebrating the same holiday at the same time. It will be a weekend of great magick.

Kari Tauring has a couple events this Tuesday. Kari is one of those amazing people we have locally. She is such an expert on Norse traditions that Norwegians have actually flown her over there to teach them about stuff. And we have her locally all the time. Really, every time she does anything, the house should be packed. She is amazing and we are lucky to have such easy access to this noteworthy expert.

Heather Dale will be in concert this Friday at the Sacred Paths Center. Check it out at

The TransSpirit Council will convene in the Twin Cities October to create ceremony, learn, share and teach together around the focus of creating and supporting healthy communities for Queer, Trans, and Gender Queer children.
7pm Friday, October 28: Opening Address in St Paul
4pm Saturday, October 29: Inanna Ritual
1pm Sunday, October 30: writing workshop and Talking Circle
Register and learn more at

Psychic Sunday at the Eye of Horus from noon to 5pm;

Ken Ra and Triskellion will be starting classes on Thursday November 3. There are 30 classes in Occult Science and Wiccan Studies. There is NO charge or commitment expected. These classes are a Gateway to Dedicates classes and Initiates classes. If you are interested call Ken or Liz at 612-789-4541

WhiteWing Grove is offering outer court trainings in the Gardnerian tradition. You can check them out at or email them for details at

For more detailed information (addresses, descriptions, etc.) or further updates, check out the much ballyhooed Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group: