PNC-MN to interview GOP Presidential Candidate

Two-term New Mexico Govenor Gary Johnson

For the past few weeks PNC-Minnesota has been working to set up a unique opportunity for Pagan media – a live interview with GOP Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson.  In addition to PNC-Minnesota, five other Pagan media organizations will participate  in a 2 hour live video Q&A with Gov. Johnson to take place on a Google+ hangout on Sunday, October 16th at 6:30pm CST to 8:30pm CST.  As the Hindu and First Nations communities share common interests with the Pagan community, two media slots have been reserved for them in addition to the six afforded to us.  This is a rare opportunity for Pagan media to ask a Presidential candidate questions about topics that are important to our diverse community.  It could be a first step in greater access to interview political candidates for Pagan media.

The Q&A session will be streamed live courtesy of  Keith Barrett of KeithBarrettTV.  The Q&A will also recorded for future play back.  The link for the live feed will be posted on PNC-Minnesota on Sunday.

Other Pagan media organizations participating in the Q&A with former New Mexico Gov. Johnson include Jason Pitzl-Waters of The Wild Hunt, Star Foster of, Devin Hunter of ModernWitch Podcast, and David Salisbury of PNC-DC and the Human Rights Campaign.

If you have a question you would like PNC-Minnesota to ask Gov. Johnson, let us know in the comments section of this article.

5 thoughts on “PNC-MN to interview GOP Presidential Candidate

  1. Nightcloud says:

    I have a question which I would like to see put to all the candidates from every party. My question is; what do you see as the destiny of the US? Every country, every culture needs to have a path, a direction, the US has been without one for a long time, (the war on drugs, the war against terrorists, these two things are not paths or directions) What does the US have to offer the world in your opinion? Alright that might be two questions, but I’d like to see an answer to them.

    I’m looking for my King to follow and so far I see no one at all.

  2. Mary-Anne Wolf says:

    Do you believe that freedom of religion includes the right of consenting adults to legally marry a partner of the same gender and have that marriage recognized by the federal government? Do you believe that freedom of religion includes the right of consenting adults to form legal marriages of more than 2 adults? Why or why not? What would you as President do to act upon your beliefs?

    Would you choose someone who was openly gay as part of your administration if their other skills were what was needed? Would you choose someone in another non-standard family relationship?

    Do you believe that freedom of religion includes the right to raise children in one’s chosen beliefs, if practice of those beliefs would be legal outside of religion? Is it morally right for American judges to make child custody decisions based primarily on a preference of one parent’s religion over another parent’s religion? Are you aware that religious bias by judges is a problem? How would you as President act upon your beliefs?

    Do you believe that government secrecy should be enforced when it is used to conceal crimes? What would you as President do about the situation of Bradley Manning and Wikileaks?

    Do you think informed people should be allowed to purchase raw milk if they want to? Should the government be expending time and money and effort to remove this choice?

    Are you persuaded by the science behind global warming? If so, what would you as President do about it?

    Would you veto a law because it was redundant? Would you support repealing a law because it is never enforced? or because it is only selectively enforced?

    Would you favor putting the non-secret parts of the federal budget on the internet in a form that allowed different groups of people to explore it with computer programs? Do you think that most of the talk about increasing or decreasing government spending would benefit from having more facts and better mathematics behind it?

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