Community Notes; September 19-25

The fall equinox is almost upon us. Leaves are beginning to turn to their fall colors. A chill has settled into the air. The wheel continues to turn in a land with four distinct seasons, which makes this a wonderful place to be a Pagan. Many people have to go off into the woods to experience nature, but here it’s in the air every time we step outside. The turning of the seasons is the favorite topic of conversation. It’s great to be in Paganistan.

Magus Books held an eventful customer appreciation day to celebrate 19 years of business with lectures and door prizes. You can read more about Magus at:

A lot of us want to attend the Earth House Midsummer Gather, but for some it’s difficult to come up with the $130 to attend. So, they’ve come up with a new payment system which allows people to pay $13 per month for 10 months at and then you’ll be all paid up to attend the 2012 Earth House Gather, June 17-24. Next year’s theme is Land & Nature Spirits.

Paul Eaves, a local labyrinth creator who’s work you’ve probably seen at local gatherings, was featured in a PNC article this week:

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