Community Notes; September 5-11

Twin Cities Pagan Pride is next weekend at Minnehaha Falls Park from 10am to 6pm. It’s a fabulous site. The falls are one of the great sacred sites of the Twin Cities. It’s also one of the best parks in the Twin Cities. This new location is just wonderful. Check out the day’s schedule here.

Paganicon early registration rates are in effect through the Pagan Pride celebration. If you intend to go to Paganicon next spring, register now, pay a little less  and learn more here.

The first issue of the Sacred Paths Journal is available

One of our sacred sites has been contaminated. In order to remove graffiti from the Spring House at Cold Water Spring, paint remover was used which then ended up in the water. Please be aware that the water may be contaminated now before gathering water for your sacred purposes.

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