PNC-MN Goes to SHF

We’ve loaded up our cars, put the mead in the cooler, and are on the road headed for Sacred Harvest Festival. Southern Minnesota – here we come!

"Why No, Officer, that's not an obstructed view out my back window."

Over the past year, Nels, Heather, and I have attended various Pagan festivals and heard about ones we wish we could attend. This is the first festival of the year that the three of us are able to attend as a group. Who knows what will happen with all of us in physical proximity of one another? (Not much. Heather and I go to bed at 10pm each night and Judy keeps Nels in line.)

Ahem. Anyway. What you can expect are great stories and interviews from the festival. We hope to be able to post some stories while we are there. Much will depend on the quality of the WiFi available at the camp. If the WiFi sucks like it did at PSG this year (too many people on one pipe) it may be a bit quiet on here. But let’s hope for the best.

If you can’t go to SHF, don’t be sad! Grab a bottle of mead and celebrate National Mead Day today. You can bet I will!

One thought on “PNC-MN Goes to SHF

  1. Iris Firemoon says:

    Have a happy and safe trip, PNC Monnesota. Looking forward to hearing all of the stories you find waiting.

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