Breaking: Sacred Paths Center Closed “Indefinitely”

Editor’s note:  there is an update to this story here.

At approximately 3pm today Sacred Paths Center put out the following statement:

As a result of an internal audit during the Change & Grow program, the Sacred Paths Center board has directed the closing of the center and called for a full inventory of the center’s assets and an external audit of the corporation’s finances.

The board has also empowered an internal audit of the corporation’s organizational documents, governance and administrative procedures, and policies.

This affects all operation at the Sacred Paths Center’s current facility. The gift shop, all class rooms and the healing center will all be closed indefinitely. All classes and events are suspended indefinitely.

Normal office hours have been suspended. The staff have been directed to focus on preparing materials necessary for the external audit and will not be available to answer questions about the closure.

Rather than stopping by the center or attempting to reach us by phone, please contact the center at if you have any questions or concerns about the audit, and if you have any questions about upcoming classes and availability of healers, readers, teachers and other services.

PNC-Minnesota is seeking further information about the closure, the future of the center, and the status of SPC board members.

As information becomes available, this article will be updated.

9 thoughts on “Breaking: Sacred Paths Center Closed “Indefinitely”

  1. Peter Dybing says:

    On the same day the Wild Hunt reports they have reached their fundraising goal?

    There is more to this story and I hope the center staff understands the communities need for transparency having just engaged in a effort to save the center.

  2. cjstone says:

    Read the board’s statement CAREFULLY. An *audit* is being done by an *external* auditor. This will take as long as it takes–“indefinitely”. That word was ill-chosen, but READ the statement. SPC is NOT out of business. They are doing due diligence with donors’ monies. They spotted problems with what’s going on, and they are moving to fix it NOW instead of “Oh, you know, in a couple weeks or so. What’s the difference?”

    The alternative is for them to pretend nothing is happening, have the money and the SPC go down the drain, not come clean in public about it, and prove there’s no way to do a Pagan community center.

  3. magickalrealism says:

    This sounds like it might be a 501(c)3 scenario – the requirements for getting and keeping that status are wacky and complicated, and require things like audits from time to time. The sooner SPC clarifies that that’s what it is, or WHAT it is in general, the better.

  4. Dana Corby says:

    One of the great problems with non-profit orgs is that they tend to get ripped off by their own people. One I once served lost an entire year’s income to a thieving Treasurer and it never totally recovered. I applaud SPC’s forthrightness in doing the audit and transparency in making it public, and hope gives them a clean bill of health.

  5. crystalblanton says:

    Transparency is very important. I do understand that it may not be closed indefinately but the statement states it is closed. I think this is a play on words that lends to many misunderstandings and a better statement should be issued to give clarity to the community, especially after learning that the fundraising efforts were successful. Our community is delicate and we cannot call out for help, receive the help and then turn around immediately and illustrate that it doesn’t matter anyway. This increases the skepticism in our already skeptical Pagan community.

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