Christian Group Directs “Spiritual Warfare” Against Pagan Goddess

The New Apostolic Reformation, a neo-Pentecostal Christian movement with strong ties to GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry, plans to “lay siege” for 40 days on Washington D.C. to change the District of Columbia into the District of Christ and eliminate compromise in our government. Events to take place in each state in turn, Minnesota’s date is October 21st. Pagans organizing to counter the malefic magic.

The Reformation Prayer Network, led by Cindy Jacobs, and the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, headed by John Benefiel, have joined together to produce a nation-wide event called “DC40.″ Jacobs and Benefiel are national endorsers for GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Perry’s The Response. The goal of DC40 is to effect “eternal change in our nation’s capitol so our elected officials can govern from a new position of uncompromising light and understanding as we change the spiritual atmosphere over Washington DC forever.”  This effort is variously named DC40, Forty Days of Light Over D.C., and 51 Days of Reformation Intercession.

Video by DC40

The change DC40 hopes to make is electing leaders who fear the Christian God and “find that compromise is not the way” as it is impossible to “compromise with unrighteousness.”  The “uncompromising light” refers to a statement released by Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, which says God’s word should be the legal authority in the United States and Christians should acknowledge no other,  “no power to purpose or accept any compromise of the promises of God, and we declare illegal in the earth any action or any people, Nation or nations that undertake what is contradictory to the Word of God.”

DC40 attacks Columbia
As a first step, DC40 is taking aim at Columbia, patron goddess of the United States. Benefiel says America is “cursed” for living under a Pagan goddess whom he alternatively calls  Columbia or Baal.  Benefiel went on to say naming the capitol after Columbia and having Her statue atop the capitol building “gives her a legal right to mess things up in our nation’s capital” and is the reason legislators “go crazy” when they arrive there.   DC 40 says it is renaming the District of Columbia to the District of Christ to reclaim it for Jesus and urges the nation to repudiate Columbia.  Benefiel says that the only way to solve our country’s current problems is to divorce ourselves from our nation’s Pagan trappings.

DC40 plans to have teams in the capital cities of all 50 states and Washington DC linking state capitals to the nation’s capital to help harness the intents and wills of thousands of Christians for this working.  The 51 day event starts in Hawaii on October 3rd and moves to each state in reverse order of its entry into the union and continues until November 22.  Christians in the point state for the day are to “take point” in praying for the District of Christ, the repudiation of Columbia and other non-Christian deities and religions, and the election of Christian God-fearing candidates.  The rest of the country is to pray that the point state “Fullness of its destiny.”  The group will have Christians by act in concert using a 51Day Prayer Guide to be released on their website.  Minnesota is scheduled to be a point state on October 21st.  There is no available information yet on a schedule of events for Minnesota for the 21st.

One of the scheduled events for DC40 is an action at “Drums in DC” on October 28th. The Annual Samhain Drumming at the Jefferson memorial is on October 28th and David Salisbury of PNC-DC speculates this event may be DC40’s intended target that day.  The Open Hearth Foundation, sponsors of the drumming event, says they “will take precautions that are necessary in preparing for Samhain festivities in the light of this new campaign.”

Pagans plan response
Bloggers Hecate and Literata, both of whom live in the Washington DC area, are calling for Pagans to make daily devotions to Columbia and to pray to Her to help this country preserve its foundational commitment to religious liberty.

“I will be spending this time making a daily devotion to her, not against these conservative Christians, but in hopes that they and I might find ways to live peaceably together in a nation that values religious pluralism,” writes Literata.

Hecate echos this call and adds other steps Pagans can take, ” I propose to seriously ward my Bit of Earth, my own tiny temple to Columbia. I propose to, a number of times between now and November 11, 2011, circle the United States Capitol, sprinkling, inter alia, rosemary and warding the beautiful statue of Columbia that presides over, and directs energy into, the United States Capitol. I propose to write to my Senators and Congress person, on paper that I’ve charged and with ink that I’ve mixed with sacred herbs, and ask them to disavow this hateful group of Dominionists. I propose to ask my own Circle if we can do some protective magic. I propose, as Summer slips into Autumn and as the Veils Between the Worlds begin to thin, to call upon all of my ancestresses and ancestors, especially those who have worked to make America the Home of the Free, and ask them to block what the Dominionists are doing to this country and to my beloved City on a Hill. I’m an urban Pagan and I propose to do magic to sustain my urban area. And because I don’t enjoy being merely reactive, I intend to do some magic to strengthen Columbia’s hold over her own city, to help everyone who lives here to see the benefits that she brings to her polis, to increase her influence over this landbase.”

Minnesota Against Hate: Protect Our Libertyhas been launched byVeronica Cummer for people “here in Minnesota who believe in freedom of religion and the principles upon which this country was founded stand up for Columbia as feminine poetic emblem of America and for Lady Liberty, herself another feminine emblem.”  The group is planning a response to take place on October 21st, when DC40 has designated Minnesota to be the point state for its malefic working.

Lamyka, a Pagan living in Hawaii and founder of Proud Pagan Podcasters, says  Hawaiian Pagan will not allow DC40 to take Hawaiian Mana, ” Our people and our land are NOT going to be used and raped like this. We’ll have our own Kahuna block their sick. ”  She has created a group on facebook to help direct efforts in Hawaii.

Georgia: For Religious Freedom is planning a response on November 19 as that is the date their state is scheduled to be ‘point state’ for DC40.

Star Foster, manager of the Pagan Portal at, says she will be, “giving Columbia offerings and prayers that she may protect her district, founded on the ideals of liberty, during this siege.”  SHe has also put together Hail Columbia,  a positive interfaith response to DC40 and The Response.

Pagan author Juliaki adds that Pagans should consider asking state Gods and spirits to assist in local protection, “Although non-local deities still answer the prayers of their children, there is something about working with a ‘hometown’ deity.”

Other Pagans commenting in the Wild Hunt suggest methods for re-purposing the directed energy raised by DC40 or wonder if shielding and grounding should be used instead.

Columbia is considered by some Pagans to be the patron goddess or genius locii of the United States.  She is a guardian of freedom and a generous granter of plenty.  In early depictions of Columbia, she wears the cap of freedom and holds a cornucopia.   The eagle and the rattlesnake are sacred to Her.

Editor’s note:  This story written with content added from the Wild Hunt,What Spiritual Warfare Looks Like – Hecate’s This Time, It’s Personal – Literata’s Supporting Columbia and Lady Liberty – and Right Wing Watch’s Jacobs, Benefiel To Spend 40 Days Laying Spiritual “Seige” To Washington DC

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35 thoughts on “Christian Group Directs “Spiritual Warfare” Against Pagan Goddess

  1. falcon says:

    this is a really stupid article about a really stupid christian movement. am i expected to take this seriously?

    • Asatruar says:

      You should definitively not take it seriously. They will fail. When any of our basic rights.. especially religion are taken form us we will rise up and fight for blood. I and many others as Asatruars will fight to the death for our beliefs as we once did when christians did this very same thing long ago.

      That may sound crazy… it does to me, but if my ways are going to be taken form me. i will fight.

      But there is nothing to worry about because these lunatics dont get that just because they are christian doesnt mean they have the most power in this land

  2. John Beckett says:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

    Unfortunately, that concept works just as well with a small group of fanatical fascists.

    These people are working malefic magic. We owe it to ourselves – and to our country, which despite these folks revisionist history was founded on freedom of religion – to oppose them with appropriate magical and mundane actions. The responses listed in this article strike me as appropriate, and if done well, effective.

  3. Karen Engelsen says:

    It seems to me some sort of public statement on the part of Pagans is called for. Preferably one outlining the nature of the spiritual violence and hate being directed by this DC 40 thing. And possibly a coordinated (and public?) Day of Prayer (and warding?) on Nov 18th, around the MN State Capitol.

    I wouldn’t take this lightly – the Christian Taliban are dangerous. Look what just happened in Norway.

  4. Greenflame says:

    Since Beltane, some friends and I have been invoking Lady Liberty and the “Mighty Dead” of Martin Luther King, Jr; Sacagawea; Susan B. Anthony; and Thomas Jefferson, to protect America and reveal ill will and corruption. Here’s a link to our working and to the common image we produced and the common spell we produced to support it:

    Anyone is welcome to adapt this image and replace Lady Liberty with Columbia; to add or replace other Founding Fathers and Mothers and Sacred American Ancestors; and/or to make this conform more to the DC40 events.

    Here is the language we used:

    “We call upon all humans to create a life consistent with their true nature, the calling of their hearts, and the highest good of all.

    Grounded in the truth that all humans are created equal, we ask that all humans have the courage, willingness, and clarity of perception to embrace one another’s humanity, to band together to reclaim our governing structures from corrupt interests, and to secure our individual rights.

    We call upon all humans to recognize injustice, inequality, and manipulation wherever it manifests; to call out the perpetrators; and to ensure that wrongdoers are brought to justice that is grounded in compassion, common sense, and fairness.

    It is created as it is spoken.”:

    Blessed Be.

  5. Belly Dance Diiva says:

    God fearing Christians indeed…is it not said “Do unto others as you would have done unto you?” Think about what that means in the effect negativity begets negativity and I believe it is wrong to put that out there when it is completly unwarranted…I am saddened by this I must say and appauled to say the very least… We all live by the same principles, values and ideals…and at the end of the day when you boil it all down no matter what God/s you believe in it all comes from one source…and we all believe in the divine source call it what you like…There is such negativity and fear being cultivated with this how could anything truly positive come from it…In this world with 9/11 and the latest horrible tragedy in Norway…shouldn’t we be focusing on nothing but supporting and loving one another regardless of race, creed or color???

    • steward says:

      They don’t see it the way you see it. They believe that if they were Pagan, they would want to be Christian… and therefore anyone who is Pagan would want to be evangelized, as that is what they would have done unto them.

  6. Kevin Maurer says:

    wait a sec… these folks want to make a spiritual energy working (working magic?) (which their good book says is wrong and not acceptable in their Gods eyes) so that other PEACEFUL religions cannot legally utilize prayer intention… and, want to have a hand in making LAWS that they obviously (as shown by intent) cannot follow either…


  7. Ego Sum Lamia says:

    Elected officials need to remember, Pagans are voters too. Mabe they need to be reminded, there are more of us then you realize.

    • Asatruar says:

      Not only that, but 50% of the population votes. Its usually people like Pagans that give their word because we are the only ones that have something to lose. everyon else takes it for granted

  8. WolfGoddess says:

    Since his own words were “We will fan the flames” makes me think that THESE christian’s and not the pagans, are the ones who are trying to send people to hell, lol.

  9. WolfGoddess says:

    This is what I have at the footnote of every e-mail I send out, maybe they should get a copy and use it…

    “It’s not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences”

  10. Sisterlisa says:

    This is so bizarre. Why are these righties so bent on making America one religion? Does anyone else see that they have become that which their ancestors fled from?

    • Asatruar says:

      They are wasting their time and money. It will be a long time from now when America will let our basic rights, and of allowing multiple religions to fail. These people are literally insane, and possibly retarded

  11. Gwendolynn Newell says:

    Hi there! My friends and I are trying to find any info on a possible response in Ga to get involved in. The Georgia: for religious freedom link doesn’t direct me anywhere. I would be eternally grateful for a website or contact info…pretty pretty please? 🙂

  12. Lynn Schwalbe-Larson says:

    Just remember everyone, that most Christians are not a part of this group, and I personally know Christians who would not give this group the time of day.

  13. Susan says:

    Doesn’t this constitute a *hate* crime? Not against the Goddess, but against our religion and spiritual paths? There should be some sort of injunction that can be brought against their actions.

  14. Endless, Nameless says:

    Why not infiltrate the DC40 and take them down from the inside?

    They want to raise energy? Fine. They want to throw it at Washington, DC? Fine. There isn’t anything that says that we can’t drain it and repurpose it from the inside.

    Be seeing you…

  15. Bob Clark says:

    We didn’t put those “insane radicals” in office, so don’t blame us Heathens for their “bullying.” It’s like war has already been declared on Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all, by those in favor of “oppression and slavery of the masses.” Just because they are “slaves,” don’t mean that the rest of us are in favor of it. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves, and Lady Liberty holds her face in shame, with these people forcing their will upon our Nation. Robbing us of everything we have fought to protect. It’s just plain UNAMERICAN, to deprive anyone of the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. Freedom of Religion is one of them, Few rational, sane, responsible people will chose theirs… even if it were the only option.

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