PSG Report: Wiccaning for Wisconsin boy at PSG

This morning, young Arden received a Wiccaning blessing presided over by Rev. Selena Fox.   The Wiccaning ceremony took place at the Ritual Circle at the Pagan Spirit Gathering held this week in Illinois.

Rev. Fox blessed the child with element of earth, air, water, fire, and spirit and gifted Arden with a feather found on site.  Arden enjoyed the first half of the ceremony, especially when Fox played peek-a-boo with him.  But as the sun came out, so did some tears.  Rev. Fox noted that was just what Arden should expect from  life, times of laughter and times of tears.  The parents, Kidril and Twitch, then gave their baby his first drum and gave him their blessings.  The community was then invited to grant Arden blessings such as friendship, comfort, peace, and love.

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