Community Notes; June 20-26

Happy Father’s Day.

Earth House Midsummer Gather is next week, all week! It starts on Father’s Day, and this year’s theme is “Father of the Greenwood”. 25% of the proceeds for the gather will be donated to the Sacred Paths Center. A good festival which supports a good cause.

The Group/Seeker Meet & Greet returns Wednesday June 29! If you are looking for a group, or if you are a group looking for people, or if you’re a group and you want to network with other groups, or if you want to see a cross section of our fabulous community, this is the event for you. $10 per group, $2 per seeker, no reservations needed.

Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise is almost here, and the registration rates are about to go up. Work purposefully around the fire every night, Thursday- Sunday, July 14-17. These are some of the most profound experiences available. If you are able to go, please do. Sign up now to get the early rate.


For more detailed information (addresses, descriptions, etc.) or further updates, check out the much ballyhooed Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group: