Community Notes; June 13-19

Sharon Knight will be performing at the Sacred Paths Center Wednesday night. She is currently one of the hottest Pagan musicians touring.

SJ Tucker is confirmed as a musical guest and presenter for next year’s Paganicon, speaking of the hottest Pagan musicians touring.

The Sacred Paths Center has been presenting top name Pagan musicians, now Paganicon is bringing in a top name Pagan musician, and this fall at the TC Pagan Pride Celebration, many of the area’s top Pagan musicians will be performing.

The great Willow at Cold Water Spring has been saved! Anyone who has attended a full moon walk at Cold Water Spring (such as the one happening this Wednesday) knows how significant this tree is, and how wonderful it is that it will continue being there. There will be another full moon walk at Cold Water Spring this Wednesday at 7pm.

Second and Third generation Pagans are becoming more common in Paganistan, which makes a class this Friday at the Sacred Paths Center all the more significant. The Mothers of Daughters seminar is about discussing sexuality with teenage daughters. Often, Pagan ethics are subtly different from mainstream ethics, which creates tension around delicate issues, and makes classes like this profoundly important and worthy of notice. Mothers can attend at 7pm. There is more information available at

Earth House Midsummer Gather begins next Sunday! Oh joyous week, Earth House Midsummer Gather is almost here.

The Twin Cities Pagans Facebook group ( was recently changed to the new groups format, at which point many people began posting on the wall, which then became emails to the more than 2500 members. Therefore the group was changed so that only moderators can post on the wall. Right now the group exists once again as a place primarily for the distribution of this newsletter. If you wish to be in an open networking group on Facebook, you can join the Twin Cities Pagan Networking Group at If you want all the best information about the local Pagan community, opportunities for discussion, with moderation to keep out spammers, you can join the Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group at

Paganistani Promotions has a new icon displayed on all our accounts. There are three stripes, blue, white and green. The blue symbolizes the sky, and was actually sampled from a digital photo of sky. The white symbolizes snow. The green symbolizes the fertile earth. In the middle is a symbol which just about everyone in Paganistan can agree is significant, although few paths agree on what it means, thus making it the perfect symbol to include. The symbol is gold for the richness of the culture. Overlaid over the symbol is a map of Paganistan with many of our sacred rivers and lakes. To the North of the map and above the symbol in Runes which seem to be reaching for the stars, it says, “WE COME FROM WELLS”. In the earthen area below the symbol, written in the fluid Theban script, it says, “WE REACH FOR STARS”. The Runes are used because of the importance of the northern folk to the unique culture of Paganistan. Theban is used because Wiccans are the majority in the Pagan community.

Community Notes is reprinted courtesy of Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo Group.