Community Notes; May 23-29

Wikipedia deleted the entry for the Sacred Paths Center claiming that it is a “Non-notable organization” You can read this for yourself at: Meanwhile, many less cited and arguably less significant articles go unchallenged.

Wikipedia is considering deleting the Paganistan article. If you have a Wikipedia account, or would be willing to create one, you can join the discussion and try to save Paganistan at: Even if what you have to post on that page doesn’t seem to play by their rules, speak up for what you believe. A mass community show of support could go a long way toward changing their minds and realizing that Paganistan is not something to mess with.

Hopefully you enjoyed Celia’s performance at the Sacred Paths Center. She always puts on a great show. She will also be performing at Sacred Harvest Fest, August 6-14;

Moving on from one great concert to another, SJ Tucker will be at the Sacred Paths Center next Sunday:

T.Thorn Coyle will be presenting a local workshop next weekend. This is a rare opportunity to work directly with this accomplished author, and talented musician.

We’re coming up on Memorial Day Weekend. Once again this year there will be a Memorial Day observance for fallen Pagan soldiers, Monday, May 30 at 10am;


For more detailed information (addresses, descriptions, etc.) or further updates, check out the much ballyhooed Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group: