Community Notes; May 2-8

Even though it was very cold, Heart of the Beast May Day celebration in Powderhorn Park was still a wonderfully Pagan event. Of course, that’s what you’d expect in the heart of Paganistan.

The parade told a story, but also included certain ritual elements, such as the first person in the parade carrying a branch from a tree to sweep away the negativity in the route and cleanse the way for all which is to follow. There were also two Pagan groups in the parade.

Harmony Tribe was the first of the two, promoting the 14th Sacred Harvest Festival, August 6-14. The log for this year says, “Roots and Branches Intertwined”. In talking to Harmony Tribe people, it really does seem like this year they are really exploring both their roots, and the different places to which the festival has branched. SHF is always a wonderful festival precisely because of the degree to which they explore the depths of their theme, and this year promises to continue that tradition. Learn more and register at

Upper Midwest Pagan Alliance followed. UMPA adopted a stretch of highway several years ago and will be gathering May 21 to clean it up. In most places in the US, Pagans struggle to get enough people together for even occasional volunteer projects. Here, Pagans are able to organize consistently, year after year well enough to maintain an adopted stretch of highway. This is a significant piece of proof that Paganistan really is one of the greatest Pagan communities. Learn more about the highway cleanup at

Earth House Project had an informational table set up in the park where they told many people about their midsummer gather, June 19-26. This festival is in a luxurious campsite with many amenities that you just don’t find at any other Pagan camping event in the region. In all my travels, I’ve never been to any other festival with electricity at every site, water at every site, and a miniature golf course. Learn more at

Before and after the event there were parties hosted by Pagans and attended by many people from Northern Dawn CoG who always present beautiful rituals and will be having a Beltaine ritual next Saturday in Mounds Park (10 Mounds Blvd, St. Paul, MN) at 3pm. It is one of the most beautiful and sacred sites in Paganistan. Learn more at

For more detailed information (addresses, descriptions, etc.) or further updates, check out the much ballyhooed Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group: