Community Notes; April 4-10

Birth announcement: Kiera Rhiannon was born at 11:49pm last Sunday after her mother’s water broke at Paganicon. Congratulations and welcome to the newest member of our community.

If you’ve talked with anyone who attended Paganicon, you’ve probably heard about what a great event it was. A quick overview of comments from attendees: stellar programming with great variety, astounding guest of honor, the food events were scrumptious, it was like a leadership conference with such richness of experts, the music was fabulous, everything just flowed with no major problems, the hotel was very accommodating, it ran so well that it did not seem like a first year event.

Less than a week after Paganicon, the organizers have a page up on their website about the 2011 experience. There’s even a copy of the keynote address posted.

Spring is in the air, which means we’re getting closer to fire spinning season. If you’d like to stay updated about poi spinning classes, there are often classes offered through Mystix Toys. Their next round of classes starts up April 14. You can sign up for their mailing list at their website and stay updated:

Registration is up for three of the big local Pagan summer camping events:
Earth House Midsummer Gather – June 19-26, 2011;
Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise – July 14-17, 2011;
Sacred Harvest Festival – August 6-14th, 2011;

There’s a Witch Sisters’ Night Out this Friday! Those are always a hoot and a half.