Sacred Paths Center Reopens Today

Just two days after having their front door smashed and boarded up due to a break in, Sacred Paths Center reopened today at 11am.  The community center was closed on Monday and Tuesday to replace the front door, repair the damage caused during the break in, and to clean up the fingerprinting dust used by police.

Sacred Paths Center issued this statement Tuesday evening, “We believe that one of the people who broke into the SPC last night may have been injured in doing so. We would like to ask anyone doing healing circles to please include this person in your prayers and thoughts. We sincerely hope that they find a more peaceful and healthy path.”


One thought on “Sacred Paths Center Reopens Today

  1. AlorelitheRose says:

    How amazing is it that they can have their sacred place violated in such a way and still ask for healing for the one who did this. True pagan. Unwavering. Role models.

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