Break in at Sacred Paths Center – UPDATE

Last night, some time between 8:30 pm and 6am this morning, someone broke into the Sacred Paths Center and at least one other nearby business. Keith Vorderbruggen, Vice President of the board of directors for SPC, first alerted the community to the break in on the Sacred Paths Center Facebook page.  He came to the community center at about 10am this morning and noticed that the front door was boarded up and unusable.  He then entered the building from the ally door.  The police had already been through SPC and had dusted for prints before Keith had arrived.

PNC spoke with Executive Director, Teisha Magee.  She said that little appears to have been stolen from SPC except for a small amount of cash,  “They took about $40 in coins from the cash register, but missed the donation jar.”  Property damage includes broken doors, the cahs register, and locked drawers that the burglars forced open.  Until the front door can be replaced, Sacred Paths Center is closed for business.  Teisha says they are spending the day cleaning, working with their landlord, insurance company, and the police.  As of yet, the police do not have any leads in this investigation.

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