Paganistan Community Notes; February 7-13

Next Saturday night (February 12) will be the annual Bread & Brew competition at the Sacred Paths Center following their annual meeting. Bread! Brew! Pagans! That sounds like the basic recipe for a good time.

TC Pagan Pride normally has a booth at GLBT Pride, however this year none of the leadership is available that day, and they’re busily organizing Paganicon. This means that there will not be a clear representative of the local Pagan community passing out fliers from the myriad of different local Pagan originations (as Pagan Pride has done). Is there another Pagan group who would like to take up the Pagan banner at GLBT Pride? Please contact and they will be happy to share all they know about working a booth at GLBT Pride.

This community has a huge Heathen population, but so far no heathen workshops have been submitted for Paganicon. If you’re a Heathen attending Paganicon, and you’d like to present a workshop, please go to:

Paganicon is really looking like it will be the major local Pagan event of 2011. Don’t forget to register for Paganicon:

There’s no shortage of Pagans working toward healing. If you are a local Pagan who engages in healing (which realistically is just about all of us) then you might want to join the Twin Cities Pagan Healers: &

Saving the best news for last, community grandfather Ken Ra will be getting a kidney transplant February 14!
The new kidney is being donated by a local Pagan who wishes to remain anonymous. Ken wrote the following letter and asked that it be printed here:

“Two years ago, I had kidney failure and the government did not get me on disability in any reasonable amount of time. The Minneapolis Pagan community came together and we raised nearly five thousand dollars. At Sacred Harvest Fest, I was honored with a Grandfathering. Mostly from people who hardly knew of me but had been taught by people who had been taught by me. The event has taken me a long time to accept. It was a great deal more than I had ever expected.

“We had put out that I needed a kidney donor through JRob and PNC- Minnesota. To our great, surprise one came forward, and she is willing to risk ending up on dialysis like me, to get me out of it. There are coincidences galore like we share the same blood type and live in walking distance of each other. She is also three blocks from one of our Elders Bret.F. My Acupuncturist at Sacred Paths Center offered her free treatment to help with her pre operative procedures. One of the team at Abbot Hospital is a close friend with an old friend of ours Gary L.

“Many, Many people have shown an interest in what is happening with me. For me the first law of Wicca is that we take care of our own. I have been forcibly made aware that I am not just a giver, but must accept being one who has been given a gift as great as life itself from a community that is truly coming into its own.”

More details about the issues leading up to this are available at