PNC-Minnesota – a year of growth – Editorial


PNC-Minnesota began about five months ago (we had five initial posts in July). We believe we have had a substantial impact within our community, region, and nationally.  Our readership is mainly Pagan, but our audience ranges the whole spectrum based on subject. We have had just over 99,000 page views since we began on July 28th, 2010

Our top viewed post with 12, 542 views in one day on Nov. 9th, (   Rape Survivor Devastated by TSA Enhanced Pat Down by Cara Schulz ), has completely skewed our stats, but that is the nature of the internet.   Cara saw an emerging issue, and knew the additional impact it could have for victims of assault and jumped on the story. National blogs (including mainstream news like ‘Newsweek‘ and even Wikipedia ) linked to her article and resulted in that one post generating 84% of our page views this year!  Cara’s past media experience and her  ‘nose for news’ that she brought to PNC-Minnesota has been invaluable. Cara also writes for PNC’s Pagans and Politics.

That widespread exposure for PNC-Minnesota has resulted in an expanded readership ever since.  Cara’s article statistics is equivalent to hitting the lottery for a news blog. We have developed a solid base of reporting and authors since our beginning, and have been given a large boost because of the national attention of this article.

Diana Rajchel – Reporter  wrote the Celtic Temple Article
Susu Jeffrey – Editorialist has written about a Hawk release, a Native Pow-Wow, and Coldwater Spring
Jenna Touchette – Photojournalist has been supplying photos for TC events

JRob Zetelumen – Reporter – Editorialist has provided article content and Paganistan Weekly

Nels Linde -Editor,  has written our most well read editorial, Pagan’s Hunting, and many others.

Heather Biedermann, Webmistress has kept us up and running (even with 12k hits in one day!) and often managed our many reader comments.

We have published 118 Posts in 20 weeks, about six stories per week on average. Our readers have responded with 296 Comments.  In December , our statistics have settled down a bit, but are still averaging 285 page views a day, really respectable for even a well established main stream internet news service! We have become the national example of what Jason Pitzl-Waters envisioned; a locally based Pagan news service generating national stories of interest in support of a (future) national Pagan news service. A solid source for Pagan viewpoint reporting for a mainstream, and Pagan audience.

We at PNC-Minnesota have learned a lot this year. We believe listening to our hearts, your comments, and the world around us… and then writing as clearly and consistently as we can has made the difference. Besides tooting our own horn a bit, we want your continued support. You reading,  subscribing, and following our stories helps knit this community together in ways we probably won’t fully understand for several years. We hope this report of our first year’s progress will inspire you to also join us, and  contribute your thoughts, writing, and comments.

A whole new year of growth awaits, JOIN PNC-Minnesota !

About the stats below….  I have removed all the total page view statistics for our blog information pages, our ‘home page’,  and Paganistan weekly (which gets regular hits each week). We  get many hits to our ‘home page’, but I figured if you clicked ‘Read more’ to read the whole article you were added to that articles statistics. Each article gets more views with time, so older posts have a slight edge. What I see as really interesting is that the whole range of our reporting is represented with readers page views;  hard ‘news’ , local events, editorials, and Pagan focused ‘human interest’ stories.

The article links are all hot, so here’s a chance to click and see what you missed, read what has been well read, and read what you missed or was under read, and stories you just might want to check out now.


Rape Survivor Devastated by TSA Enhanced Pat Down 83512
Celtic Temple Opens in Northeast Minneapolis 1138
Pagans Hunting, A Sacred Way – Editorial 895
Meet Harmony Tribe 560
Gamelan – pathway to trance 244
Target Corp Comes Under Fire for Campaign Contributions 221
Eye of Horus Expands at New Location 210
SHF Series – Came a Lutheran, Left a Pagan 209
Haste Sans Waste – Reused Eco-Convertible Fashion 209
Interview with Pagan Athropologist, Murph Pizza 203
Editorial – Pagans and Non Profit Corporations 198
Show Us Your Altar 170
Community Center Looks to Raise Funds, Answer Questions 159
Sacred Fire Circle – Icing on your Spiritual Cake 149
Community Gamelan – Gift from White Deer and Violette Rose 140
Editorial – Author’s Books Change Opinions About Paganism 139
Paganistan Weekly August 9-22 139
New Council Brings New Theme to SHF 116
New Metaphysical Shop in Prior Lake 116
Ken Ra Grandfathering 114
Editorial – Christ is NOT the Reason for the Season 111
Major Local Events for 2011 107
Agora – Film Review 107
More Local Reaction to Target Campaign Contribution 107
Cherie Sampson – International Artist at SHF 107
Area Pagan Launches Bid for Congress 100
SPC Fundraiser Deemed a Success 98
Anubis Sighted in St Paul 97
PNC Minnesota Back from Sacred Harvest Festival 94
Agora Comes to Minneapolis 92
Patrick Stewart Remembrance – Saturday, Sept 25th 91
Coldwater Spring:Amazing Double Sky Event Dec.20/21st 90
Review – Alt for Norge (All for Norway) 89
Witches Respond to O’Donnell’s “I’m Not A Witch” Ad 86
Editorial – Pagans and Facebook 86
People of the Book – Editorial 72
See Kari Tauring in Norwegian Reality Show Tonight 71
Alvin Felch – Nature Visionary and SHF Guest 70
Give Christmas Back to Christians (and perform good deeds) 68
Murphy’s Midnight Rounders – Interview and New CD 62
Magic and Art Combine in SHF Merchants’ Wares 61
Isaac Bonewits (Oct. 1, 1949 – Aug. 12, 2010) 61
If Pagans Elected the Next Governor 60
Harmony Tribe Election Snapshot 60
Mendota Dakota Pow Wow–Good for the Soul 59
SHF Series – Childrens’ Play “Sleeping Beauty” with Pagan Twists 59
Local Reaction to MN Sec. of State Candidate Comments 59
The Best Gift is Hope 57
Festival Virgins Find Community 56
Best Selling Author S.M. Stirling Comes to Minneapolis 55
Paganistan Weekly; December 13-21 51
Pass the Turkey or Just Pass? 50
SHF Workshops – Inspired by the Muses 47
Paganistan Weekly; November 15-21 47
Childrens’ Book Review – Of Numbers and Stars: The Story of Hypatia 46
MN Gov. Race Polls – Pagan vs General Population 46
Emergency Measures Passed for Harmony Tribe Elections 45
Editorial – UMPA Pagans Walk the Talk 44
Twin Cities Pagan Pride 42
Honoring Our Ancestors and the Mighty Dead at SPC 42
Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse 40
Paganism Featured on Prominent Religious Website 38
Minnesota Pagan Festival Starts this Weekend 38
Check for Northern Lights tonight, Aug. 3rd! 35
Notable Area Pagans Speculate on 2011 34
Pagan Chaplain Receives International Award 34
Adopt/Release a Hawk 33
Recognition Ceremony for Elder Ken Ra 32
The Fourth Estate – Political Opinion 31
Veterans Day at Circle Cemetery 29
Pagan Elder Survey 28
Dates, Theme Picked for Next Year’s SHF 27
Harmony Tribe Meet and Greet – Sat. Nov. 13th 26
Eye of Horus Hosts Artisan Fair 23
TC Readers and Healers 23
Samhain Altars – Part Two 22
PNC Expands 22
Minnesota Governor’s Debate Tonight 22
Samhain Altars 20
Election 2010 – Minnesota Primary Vote Tuesday 20
Wendy Rule & Kari Tauring Concert Sunday 19
You asked, we answered 19
Community Grandfather Seeks Kidney 18
VOTE! 17
St Cloud Pagan Community Meeting Sat, Nov. 13th 16
Community Notes – Sept. 27-Oct. 3 16
Lady Liberty League Celebrates 25 Years Tonight! 14
De-Stress After Black Friday Shopping at the Eye 13
IMAGINE PEACE – Tues Dec.14th, Rochester, MN 10
MMR Concert Friday Night 8
Spin vs Truth – EDITORIAL 8