Anubis Sighted in St Paul

Anubis at Landmark Plaza - Photo by Valerie Gallagher

An icon of Anubis, Protector of the dead and Judge of souls, was spotted at Landmark Plaza. This 26-foot, 10-ton statue was installed to advertise Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs, a major exhibit opening February 18 at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Having Anubis precede King Tutankhamun makes sense on two levels. Anubis is the protector of the deceased and their tombs and one of His names is He who is in the place of embalming. As Tutankhamun is one of the few royals to survive the centuries with his body undefiled and his tomb intact, Anubis has shown him special favor and appears to be continuing His protection over the young king. Less known to all except scholars and Kemetic Pagans, Anubis marched at the head of all public processions in Egypt. It would be sacrilegious for the Pharaoh to travel across the world without Anubis leading the way.

Interesting that Anubis is honored in His traditional role by those who profess not to believe in His existence, even if the honoring is not done in a traditional manner. When Anubis arrived on November 24th, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman was on hand to greet Him and welcome Him to the city. Mayor Coleman also placed a St. Paul sticker on the suitcase which lays at Anubis’ feet. The sticker isn’t incense and the suitcase isn’t a golden vessel, but it is an offering just the same. I see this as one more sign that the Gods of old are once more fully active in our world, after receding during the rise of Christianity. Our prayers and offerings are calling to Them, and They once again walk the earth.