New Metaphysical Shop in Prior Lake

Shadow Lights Minnesota is an unmistakably witchy new Metaphysical shop in Prior Lake, MN, with statuary, pointy hats, essential oils, stones, incense, wands, candles, and pentagrams on many items. Owned by Kim & John Hinnenkamp they have their own label essential oil blends, bath-salts, and candles.

They advertise themselves as a “Metaphysical and Candle Shop“. Kim makes her own candles. That’s how she said the shop got started, “But we knew we’d need more than just candles.”

Kim moved here from Omaha, where she was involved with The Next Millennium, a huge metaphysical shop known throughout the nation. “Charlie (the owner of the Next Millennium) still helps me out,” she said, crediting him with the idea of using bags with little stars on them, a very nice little extra touch to enhance the shopping experience.  She still returns to vend at the Omaha Mystic Fest.

Kim is a solitary kitchen witch who is still establishing herself in the local community, but she and her husband saw a need for a metaphysical shop south of the cities. John pointed out, “Not everyone wants to drive to Minneapolis.”  If there’s one thing this area has in abundance, it’s a wonderful Pagan community.  “We know there’s a good base down here.”

For now they have one Tarot reader, but they want more.  Annie Zimbel is available in the store Wednesdays from 1pm to 5pm, and it’s best to call first for reservations.

They want to provide more, but John pointed out, “At this point our main focus is just keeping the lights on and the door open.” They are approaching the business cautiously, and grow as they are able. They had an on-line store for 18 months before opening the physical store, allowing them to build inventory, a customer base, and a sense of the business.

Shadow Lights Minnesota is open Tuesday through Friday 10am to 6pm, and Saturday 11am to 5pm, 4775 Dakota St SE , Prior Lake , MN , 55372 around the corner from CarQuest off of HWY 13. 952-261-8784

Click here to check out the store website,

click here for the online store,

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One thought on “New Metaphysical Shop in Prior Lake

  1. JRob Zetelumen says:

    As an epilogue, On May 9, 2012, it was announced that Shadow Lights Minnesota would be closing. Here is the official announcement:

    Dear friends,
    It is with much sadness that Kim and I must make the following announcement. As many of you know, Kim has a full time job outside our store. Her job is now requiring us to move on for her to remain employed. Shadow Lights Minnesota, at least our physical location here in Prior Lake must close to facilitate this move.

    This breaks our heart as it’s been our hope to provide something needed to the community and you’ve all responded with great enthusiasm. Albeit our store, since day one, has continued on the right road and has become self sustaining, it is not where we need it to be to support our whole family in our short 19 months of existence. Our little brick and mortar shoppe opened in Sept, 2010 and has slowly continued to prosper in a very tough economy and we owe all of that to you!

    As our thank you to our friends and customers, Shadow Lights Minnesota will have a “Moving Sale” starting this Friday, May 11th, 2012. All items in the store will be sold. This is your chance to purchase every item in the store at 40% or more off and this includes displays, tables, shelving, etc. We will sell all merchandise at our cost. This means you’ll be able to purchase all new merchandise at the wholesale price. Displays, etc will be properly depreciated and sold below cost.

    Please understand we won’t sell out for less than we’ve invested in this and if you own a business and wish to purchase items “wholesale” bring in your tax EIN, etc. and we’ll accommodate you for sales tax purposes. Kim will continue to make candles and they will continue to be available on our website after the store closes. Thank you all so very much for your support. ~ Kim and John Hinnenkamp, Owners, Shadow Lights MN.

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